The Top Five Nicknames in the MLB Right Now

Last week I posted two blogs on the best nicknames in both the NFL, and the NBA. Today, I will be concluding my nickname series. The last installment will look at Major League Baseball and the nicknames they have in their sport. And just like my last two blogs, this will be a top five list: some tags may get left off. I guess that’s what the honorable mentions are for.

Anyhow, here are my picks for the top nicknames in baseball right now:

Honorable Mentions: Chris “Crush” Davis, Pablo “Panda” Sandoval, Noah “Thor” Syndergaard, Todd “The Toddfather” Frazier, Albert “The Machine” Pujols, Pete “Polar Bear” Alonso, Yasiel “Wild Horse” Puig

5. Gary “The Kraken” Sánchez

I am no Gary Sánchez fan, but his nickname supersedes my dislike of him. Every time he comes up to the dish, “The Kraken” has the ability to go deep. His powerful swing is similar to that of the kraken slamming its tentacles through a ship.

4. Corey “Klubot” Kluber

Corey Kluber is a robot: both on the mound and off. He rarely shows any emotion, even if he just got taken out of a game for getting shelled (which rarely happens).”Klubot” encompasses exactly what Kluber is. He’s basically terminator on the mound, wiping batter after batter out with his devastating slider.

It’ll be interesting to see how the 2-time Cy Young Award winner fairs with the Texas Rangers, but if history tells us anything, the Klubot will be ready to wheel and deal. 

3. Josh “Bringer of Rain” Donaldson

Since his days with the Oakland Athletics, Josh Donaldson has rained down on his opponents with bomb after bomb. Whether he was in Oakland, Toronto, Cleveland, or Atlanta, Donaldson has produced. He has been a productive player for a long time at this point, and -due to a couple injuries- people have seemed to forget he is one of the better hitters in the game.

2. Javier “El Mago” Báez

Javy Báez is jus like his nickname: magic. His play in the field is so slick he has fans rewinding their TV’s at home. How he pulls off some of the throws and tags he does is unbelievable. Add that with his prowess for hitting and this Chicago Cub is one hell of a superstar.

1. Nelson “Boomstick” Cruz

Nelson Cruz has been around a long time. Still, he continues to rake which has earned him the title of ‘Boomstick’. Since 2009 Cruz has amassed 379 home runs. He’s also hit 40 or more home runs in four of those seasons, including last year where, at 38-years-old, he was still able to hit 41 long balls.

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-Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)

Featured image courtesy of Twitter / @ZDeportes

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