Who Has The Top Five Nicknames in the NFL Right Now?

With each new episode of ‘The Last Dance’ continuing to surround the news cycle every Monday, the nickname ‘Air Jordan’ has resurfaced. It isn’t like the name ever left, but seeing it back in the forefront of things got me thinking: who has the best nickname in sports right now?

The entire sports world is a pretty broad place to play around in, so I decided to narrow it down to one league. As a huge football fan, I gravitated towards the NFL. And after some thorough research, I have come up with a list of the top five nicknames in the NFL right now.

There were definitely some that warranted consideration, but to me these were either too plain, or the player is currently on the outskirts of the league. A few examples are Big Ben, TB12, CMC, Shady McCoy, Flash Gordon, Superman or Beast Mode. So without further ado, here are the top five nicknames in the NFL right now:

5. “Can’tGuardMike”

Michael Thomas is one of, if not, the best receiver in the National Football League. His nickname stems from the creation of his Twitter handle which, as you can guess, is @Cantguardmike. He came up with the name before even being drafted by the New Orleans Saints, but since that time he has come exactly as advertised: unguardable.

4. “Danny Dimes”

This one may come with some pushback, but Daniel Jones’s nickname, “Danny Dimes” is awesome. First of all, a quarterback with the word dimes in his nickname? Talk about money (pun intended). Secondly, Daniel Jones is perceived as this boring old QB, and the fact that he has a nickname as electric as “Danny Dimes” makes the tag even better. That’s why Dimes is up here on the list.

3. “T-Mobile”

“But you said you weren’t going to do players phased out of the league!” Well, if you haven’t noticed, Tyrod Taylor is actually slated to be the starting quarterback for the Los Angeles Chargers. Yes the Chargers drafted Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert in the top 10, but there doesn’t appear to be any rush to toss him into the starting lineup. And THAT is how T-Mobile makes it back on the list.

Having a nickname and being a bench-rider makes the moniker so much worse (i.e. Andy “The Red Rifle” Dalton). So with Taylor back in the fold, the recognition on how great of a nickname T-Mobile is should start back up. It fits his play style, fits his name, and you can make an unlimited amount of jokes or references about the wireless company: now that’s a great nickname.

2. “The Honey Badger”

Kansas City chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu has had one hell of a career. Whether that be in college or the pros, Mathieu was dubbed “The Honey Badger” because of his ability to make plays that seem impossible for a guy standing in at 5’9″ 190 pounds. The defensive back plays hard and ferocious, so the tag of a small (but fierce) wild animal certainly adds up.

1. “Fitzmagic”

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a treasure. The Harvard man is so fun to watch on the field with his beard hanging out, slinging the football around to both his and the other team. He has become the embodiment of a gunslinger, throwing into mistake after mistake, while still pulling “magic” out of nowhere, managing to give your team a chance to win. Hopefully this man never retires.

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– Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)

Featured image courtesy of Twitter / @Brannin

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