The New LeBron James Mural That Was Painted In LA? Yeah, That One Was Vandalized Too

I know there a way too many people in the world for this to actually be a reality, but can we go like, I don’t know, three minutes without someone being a dickhead, please?

It’s incredible how insane people have to be to A) Waste their money on paint, and B) Destroy someone’s artwork that they busted their asses on. “A” is a little bit more of an issue for me though because paint is stupid expensive.

This is now the second LeBron James mural that’s been vandalized in Los Angeles. Why are we doing this? Listen, I’m a guy from Massachusetts so believe me, I live and die by the LeBron hate. The guy stinks, but I’m just not going out of my way to destroy some sweet, sweet artwork.

There hasn’t been a time-that I’ve heard at least-where LeBron has knocked down, I don’t know, Kobe? He hasn’t walked into LA and been like, “Okay, remember all of those legends before me? This is my city now”. No, the guy is just trying to play ball in one of the greatest cities in the world and hopefully bring the Lakers to the finals. It’s not like they lost any major pieces like the Celtics probably would have if they brought him in. He probably would have chased away Kyrie out of town. The only thing that LeBron did to LA is significantly raise their chances and expectations at reaching the Western Conference Finals at a minimum.

These losers need paint thrown at them and poured in their ears. Hear nothing but paint dripping for the rest of your life you schlubs.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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