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The Celtics would be dumb to trade Jaylen Brown in a Kevin Durant trade

Literally 11 days ago, the Boston Celtics were involved in an NBA Finals game. Now 11 days later, we are talking about off-season rumors. One rumor that has been going around is Kevin Durant potentially leaving the Brooklyn Nets. We know Kyrie Irving might leave Brooklyn for a new opportunity. This leaves Kevin Durant to pursue a trade to a different team. The Celtics are amongst the teams in the rumor mills for Durant’s services. But a Brian Scalabrine quote had the Celtics trading away Jaylen Brown.

Now with that being the case, I am firmly against it. All other Celtics fans should feel the same exact way as me in this case. Why? Let’s look at why the Boston Celtics would be dumb to include Jaylen Brown in a hypothetical trade for Kevin Durant.

The Celtics shouldn’t trade Jaylen Brown because of the age difference

Kevin Durant is currently 33 years old. Jaylen Brown is currently 25 years old. You see where I’m going here right? The Boston Celtics have a young duo with Brown and Jayson Tatum, who are 25 and 24, respectively. Durant is a tremendous player, there’s no doubt about that. But would I want a few years of Kevin Durant and trade away a potential decade of Jaylen Brown? No shot! If Durant was 28 or 29, I would strongly reconsider. Bt with their current ages, it doesn’t make sense to me.

The Jaylen Brown-Jayson Tatum duo

Like I said before, Brown and Tatum are young. They are the future. This Celtics team just got to the NBA Finals with both of them not even hitting their primes yet. We’ve seen these formulas before with the 1990’s Magic, the 2010’s Thunder, etc. Those young cores got broken up. This duo should be together as long as possible. When you’ve been to several Eastern Conference finals and an NBA Finals, that doesn’t come by accident. Yo have something here, keep it together.

In Conclusion

Jaylen Brown needs to be out of any trades rumors, period. Keep Brown in Celtic green as long as you can. Kevin Durant would be great to have in Celtic green. But not for Jaylen Brown. Plus, if you had Durant, Brown, and Tatum all together, along with Robert Williams fully healthy; that’s a tough core to beat. Bottom line, Brown should stay a Celtic long-term. untouchable so to speak. Otherwise, that’s a foolish mistake by Brad Stevens and Celtics ownership!

–Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

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