Red Sox begin “gauntlet” of an upcoming schedule with three games in Cleveland

The Boston Red Sox find themselves at a 39-31 record. That is quite the accomplishment considering how bad they were playing in the first month of the season. Now they find themselves in a Wild Card spot for the American League playoffs. But now, the “easy part” of their schedule is over. They will be playing against much better quality competition coming up in the next month. It all starts tonight with a three game series in Cleveland, against the Guardians. What can we expect from a series between these two teams? Let’s break down this series between the Boston Red Sox and the Cleveland Guardians.

The Boston Red Sox need to shut down Cleveland Guardian Jose Ramirez

There is one big piece of the Guardians offense that the Red Sox need to shut down. José Ramírez. The second baseman is having another fine season. Plus, the Guardians don’t have a lot of other hitters that you truly fear. So how are the Guardians so good? They have a LOT of pitching that is helping them. The Guardians are a good team, don’t get wrong. They’re winning the AL Central as of now, so you have to respect it. But the big thing for the Red Sox is to not allow José Ramírez to have a huge series against you. Otherwise, it’ll be very tough for the Red Sox to win this series.

The Bats need to continue to show up

The pitching has done its part all season. Now the bats need to continue to hold up their end of the bargain. Guys like Xander Bogaerts and Rafael Devers need to continue to lead the charge. JD Martinez and Alex Verdugo need to find their swings again. Other guys like Jarren Duran and Christian Vazquez need to continue to make timely contributions. You know the pitching will be there for the Red Sox, with reinforcements on the way. Now it’s time for that offense to show it is indeed one of the best in the MLB.

In Conclusion

This will be a very good series. It’s the beginning of a long, grueling part of the Red Sox schedule. If they win this series, it’ll be a good sign of things to come. Hope the Red Sox confidence boils over into this stretch.

Prediction: Red Sox win 2 out of 3

–Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

Featured Image credit: overthemonster.com

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