The Boston Celtics Now Make Their Series Very Interesting

The Boston Celtics cut their into their series deficit in half as they beat the Brooklyn Nets 125-119 in last night contest behind, yet another, a Jayson Tatum 50 point game. The Brooklyn Nets was not at the top their game last night as former Celtic, Kyrie Irving struggled throughout the evening, giving the Celtics life in this series.

Let’s face it, the Celtics were given absolutely no shot to win this series. However, I said last week, if the Celtics can take game 3, that is a win.

The Celtics Make The Series Interesting Heading Into Game 4

Now, game 4 is going to have a different feel to it. 2-1 series lead for the Nets, a packed Garden, and the Nets feeling the pressure. The Celtics are making this series very interesting. But, they cannot let this get to them, they just need to keep playing. The team doesn’t have to do anything fancy, just do your assignments.

It is a win for the Celtics that a sweep didn’t happen. Think about this too, a lot of fans out there thought the Nets were going to steamroll the Celtics in four games. It is still a long shot for this team to win this series. However, they put themselves in a position to really make this a must watch series.

If the Celtics win game 4, how will the Nets react? How will they respond? Will they start to feel the pressure from the Celtics? Those are legitimate questions. Game 4 is Sunday in a nearly full TD Garden. Can’t wait.

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Zachary Connell (@ZackConnell2)

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