Why the Brooklyn Nets are a TERRIBLE matchup for the Celtics!

The Boston Celtics began their 2020-2021 playoff run against the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday night. They came away losing game one by a score of 104-93. It became apparent in the second half why the Brooklyn Nets are a TERRIBLE matchup for the Celtics. Within this article, we’re going to break down EXACTLY why the Nets are a terrible matchup for the Celtics in these playoffs.

The Nets are a TERRIBLE Matchup for the Celtics Because of Their Big Three

We knew that it was going to be tough to contain the “big three” of Kyrie Irving (PUKE!), James Harden, and Kevin Durant. How tough? The big three combined for 82 of their 104 points in game one. This was during a game where the Celtics played well in the first half and then took a step back in the second half. How do you game plan for this team? Really? Want to shut down James Harden and Kevin Durant? Kyrie will go off. Harden and Irving? Durant will go off. Durant and Irving? Harden will go off. I just don’t see how you can stop all three of these guys, especially with Jaylen Brown out.

Brooklyn’s a TERRIBLE Matchup Because They LOVE Getting Out in Transition

The Nets love to get out and running. I will say, the Nets know how to be unselfish. They share the ball extremely well and don’t care who gets the basket at the end of the day. When they get out in transition, it is hard for the Celtics to get back on defense. When you can’t get back on defense against Brooklyn, you’re in for a long night.

If Kemba is Off, This Continues to be a TERRIBLE Matchup for the Celtics

Kemba Walker finished the night with 15 points on 5-16 shooting from the field. Six of those points came on late threes when the game was basically over. Kemba Walker cannot continue to have games like this. Jaylen Brown isn’t around. So now, Kemba has to be the second best scorer and consistent night in and night out for the Celtics to have a sliver of a chance in this series.

In Conclusion

This Brooklyn matchup is terrible for the Celtics all the way around. I see this series ending in four, maybe five in favor of the Nets. Unless an injury or two happens for the Nets, the Celtics could be done with this series as early as May 30th or June 1st. Let’s just get to the off-season!

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Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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