Kyrie Irving’s playoff return to Boston went just as you’d expect

Kyrie Irving finally made his long awaited return to the TD Garden during the NBA playoffs. There was no getting out of this one for the once Celtics starting point guard. It’s the playoffs and Kyrie needed to show up. So how well did Kyrie’s return to Boston in the playoffs go, with the fans present? Well…

Kyrie Irving’s playoff return to Boston went just about as you’d expect. But why exactly do we love to boo Kyrie at this point? Let’s discuss.

Kyrie’s Comments about Boston

It just seems like Kyrie always has something to say about Boston. Take the quotes he said about racism in Boston the other day for example. Jaylen Brown literally had to comment on it and he basically said, “It’s a problem I agree, but to say something about it during the NBA playoffs doesn’t feel right.” I don’t know man. It just seems like there’s always something negative coming out of Kyrie’s move and it’s negative.

The Broken Promises

THIS IS WHY PEOPLE BOOED YOU KYRIE! You can’t make a promise like this without being able to back it up. Kyrie assured Celtics fans he’d come back the following summer. Obviously, we know what happened next. How about the commercial with his dad about wanting to retire #11 in the TD Garden? Another broken promise! People in Boston don’t like when their athletes go against what they say and promise. It’s that simple.

The Quitting in the Milwaukee Series

Kyrie knew he was out during that Milwaukee series. He quit, plain and simple. People in Boston don’t like it when their superstars just quit like he did in that series. It was so evident with his shot selections. It’s easy to see why he got booed every time he touched the ball when he came back to Boston during the playoffs last night.

In Conclusion

Kyrie is getting what he signed up for when he left the way he did. The boos are warranted. Not because of anything racial or unfair. It was the way he conducted himself before he left. The boos were loud and I loved every second of it, as bad as that may sound.

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– Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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