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Three Patriots wide receivers to keep an eye on at training camp

The Patriots are opening up training camp this week and it is an exciting time for us all! Football is right around the corner and fans are revving up for the season to start. One position that Patriots fans might have some questions about are the wide receivers. How good will they be? Who should we keep our eye on? Well, here are three Patriots wide receiver to keep an eye on at training camp.

Patriots wide receivers to look at… No. 1: DeVante Parker

This is the biggest name to watch in my opinion. DeVante Parker came over in a trade in the off-season. Now, we’ll get our first look at him in a Patriots uniform, running routes. Will he be the wide receiver that Mac Jones can rely on to win 50/50 battles with DB’s and corners? Can he integrate himself into this offense and develop the chemistry with Jones right away? Time will tell.

No. 2: Kendrick Bourne

Kendrick Bourne is another name that Patriots fans will keep a close eye on in training camp. Bourne needs to emerge as a number one receiver for the Patriots. He has a year of working with Mac Jones under his belt now. The next question is whether or not Kendrick Bourne can be for Mac Jones what Julian Edelman was to Tom Brady? But we will see how Kendrick Bourne takes a leap with the Patriots in year two.

No. 3: Tyquan Thornton

Tyquan Thornton is going to have one of the more interesting storylines in camp. People are enamored by his blazing speed in college and at the NFL combine. Now it’s a question of how he’ll use it. Will Thornton jump into a position where he’s getting significant playing time? Could it be a case where 2022 is a learning year for him? That all remains to be seen. But Thornton has a bright future to be a legit deep threat in the NFL. This training camp will give us some glimpses of his speed in action.

–Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

Featured Image Credit: Boston.com

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