The Bachelor Episode 3 Recap

Week three, we are finally starting to put some names to faces and remembering who is who. At least before we get too invested into everyone’s lives in stories.

Some basics in this recap.

There is drama, DUH, goodbyes and smooching.

If you are not caught up yet on the first two episodes I’m not sure where you’ve been, but I’ve got you covered with recaps from episodes one and two.

Is True Love Even Real?

I actually want to spend the first segment of this recap talking about last season of The Bachelorette. And that Clare and Dale have broken up.

Oh no, what a surprise, what shock, my goodness gracious, but how?

This caps off what was an absolute disaster of Clare Crawley as the Bachelorette and proof that age does not equal maturity.

I can’t say I am shocked, we all saw the red flags from Clare during the show. There is a reason she is pushing 40 and still single. Some people are just unstable…

And I am also not shocked that two people who had a wild two weeks together thought they were in love are now broken up.

Their relationship in the television world lasted from the election to the inauguration. I realize that in real time it was probably from June to January but still six months is all you could do huh?

It also proves that this show isn’t about finding love it’s about the drama. Which I am perfectly fine with! There is a reason that I am writing these and it’s not about the actual connections people make.

So thank you Clare and Dale for adding to the fodder I appreciate it.

I Don’t Feel So Good

Last week we were left with a cliffhanger of Sarah feeling woozy and stumbling off the platform during the rose ceremony.

Well Matt runs to her aid and walks her outside for some fresh air.

And wouldn’t you know the other ladies HATE THAT.

Which I don’t get, Sarah already has a rose, and I know that night was very tense thanks to the Victoria, Marylynn drama. But she already has a rose, why would she need more time with Matt?

But we will get way more in depth into Sarah later.

What also makes this rose ceremony a puke fest is that Victoria ends up winning out the drama between her and Marylynn.

Queen Victoria gets a rose and Marylynn gets the suitcase. It’s rough but thats the biz that we call show.

Chris Harrison You Dirty Dirty Man

Did you know Chris Harrison wrote a book? Did you know that he wrote a dirty book? Because he did.

Okay it’s not “50 Shades of Grey” dirty, but it definitely has intimate parts in it. To which let’s be honest here, congrats to Mrs. Harrison.

Who knew our king Chris Harrison had such filthy demons in him.

But this leads to the premise of the group date. The girls have to write down and then perform their own erotic fiction about themselves and Matt getting freaky.

It was exactly as awkward and cringe as it sounds.

I asked my wife if she would have done this date and she said no she would of just quit. It’s only been one week, it’s not like she would be that invested in whoever the bachelor was anyways.

They made Matt read an excerpt of his erotic fiction and his was about chocolate cake? Honestly his erotic story sucked!

Of course Victoria took it up a notch. And with all of us being adults, despite the bleeps I think we can figure out mostly what she said.

Can’t Handle The Heat

The main drama of this episode however stems from the cocktail hour after the erotic fantasy reading date.

So the live studio audience there to listen to the stories were the other girls who were not on said group date. Which included Sarah who went on a one on one date with Matt last week and was the one who fainted during the rose ceremony.

She realizes that during those readings that she has serious feelings for Matt, but that the other ladies did as well. And that they wanted to **** his **** or at least Victoria does.

And thus we get our classic Bachelor drama dilemma that seems so easy to avoid but we never do. Someone gets upset and jealous at the person they like and are dating, is openly dating another 20 or so people.

It’s not like the girls participating in this show have never seen it before or don’t understand how it’s ran. So we are always confused as to why every season there is drama with this premise.

So rather than dealing with these emotions and feelings by herself in her own head. Or even in private with Matt on her own time, Sarah decides to crash the cocktail party!

Again super cringeworthy.

Katie is low key hilarious here but also good for her for standing up for herself.

She comes back and says okay I need Matt back. Sarah says the classic “in 5 minutes” and she comes back with “How about two” and then stands basically just off to the side.

And once those two minutes are up sits on the couch next to Sarah and Matt. And she has every right to!

Sarah is infringing on her time, if Sarah gets to crash your date and chat with Matt, you get to crash hers, fair is fair.

I do give Sarah some respect for meeting the issue head on. Rather than sneaking out the back to the house she tried to apologize to the ladies up front.

Only issue is she thought they would simply accept her apology and move on, they did not.

To which they brought up good points. Sarah could have done this at literally any other time before the rose ceremony or even at the rose ceremony. I talked about this last week. An early group date is a blessing and a curse rolled into one.

Sarah is guaranteed as a favorite going forward with her date. She shouldn’t feel any worry about going home any time soon. So she has plenty of time to work out these emotions on her own and or talk to Matt about them numerous times over on her own time. Rather than stealing precious time from ladies who I honestly don’t remember their names.

Keep Your Friends Close But Enemies Closer

After Sarah’s fainting spell at the rose ceremony Victoria immediately set her targets on her as the next person to manipulate to get off the show.

So it was sort of a surprise to see who else but Victoria chase down Sarah as she made the walk of shame from the group date she just crashed. She asked her if she was okay and was surprised by her crashing the group date because that did not seem to be her behavior and something must be wrong. But at the same time, there was a better time and place to do it.

It was incredibly surprising for Victoria to

  1. Actually make sense
  2. Be sort of comforting?

It reminded me of the scene from Goodfellas where Henry Hill says “Your murderers come with smiles.”

Katie, who was the person actually offended here also came to talk to Sarah. She didn’t start off with insults or how dare you, the first thing she said was “I would like to hear what she has to say.”

She wanted to know why Sarah did what she did before rushing to judgement. More on Katie later.

However, despite Victoria’s vague compliments, she turned back into Victoria the next morning.

The following day Sarah did not come out of her room when the rest of the girls met in the lobby to send off Serena on her one on one date with Matt.

Matt showed up, asked where Sarah was and then ran upstairs to her room to console her.

Which again fired the girls up. And when Matt didn’t come down after a quick five minutes, they began to believe Sarah was playing a manipulative game with Matt to keep his attention focused on her via being a veiled victim.

More to come with Sarah…

Is Matt James Boring?

So Serena and Matt went for a one on one date. But I’ll be 100% honest with you I did not pay attention what so ever to this.

A few take aways though, she got a rose so yay congrats.

She also said that wanting a turtle as a pet when you were a kid meant you were weird. Which I feel personally attacked because I had a pet turtle growing up. His name was Franklin and he was awesome.

And she didn’t say she was falling in love. But falling in like.

Which is sort of refreshing to be honest. We here so often on this show people say that they’re falling in love after knowing that person for a couple of weeks and spending like at most a few hours with them. That’s not normal.

Imagine telling your tinder or bumble date that you love them after your second date with them. It would freak them out, and rightfully so. Yet on a reality TV show we just accept it and go along with it.

But this date also raises a good question. Is Matt boring?

This isn’t saying he’s not a good guy or anything. But some people just aren’t cut out for television and Matt James might just be that because I was not interested in this one on one date what so ever.

And honestly it would make sense as to why the producers are heavily leaning on Victoria’s craziness and making her an over the top villain to keep this season afloat because Matt just isn’t that interesting.

One thing I will say in Matt’s defense. His twitter game during the episodes has not been boring. I applaud him for being able to laugh at himself.

Sarah is MIA

Okay so back to the Sarah drama. After hiding in her room all day long, not speaking to anyone else about what happened the night before, she comes in to hear the group date card.

And just tries to slide in like nothing happened at all, even drops a “How are you?” to someone.

Someone give her some glasses so that she can read the damn room.

She then tries to say “Well I wanted to actually talk to you all about this” as she begins to get peppered with questions about what happened.

Sorry Sarah but you don’t get to say that and try and control the narrative after you hid in your room for hours. Had you been at the continental breakfast that morning ready to face the world, then sure. But not at 10 pm after avoiding everyone all day long.

What happened afterwards wasn’t cool though.

Remember I said Victoria was smiling and holding Sarah’s hand while also holding a knife behind her back earlier? Well her true colors came out here.

She lit the first torch for the mob and then sat back and watched them tear into Sarah.

Kit said “I hope your connection with Matt is strong, because your living situation here will be hell.”

And of course classic Kit, after Sarah walks away she does her “So I says to her, go away or I’ll make your dogs wish they had never met you.”

I hate Kit, she did this on night one, behind people’s backs she talks this big game like she dropped some monumental diss on said person. But then when push comes to shove and she has a chance to say something to their face, she’s silent. All bark no bite, FOH Kit.

At which point you could see that was like stab to the back for Sarah and I’m guessing was doing everything she could from not balling right then and there.

Look what Sarah did was wrong yes and hiding from it was not respectable. But there’s no need to bully her like that. Sarah is not the first person to wrongfully steal time from another contestant on this show. Victoria did it in episode one!

Katie to the Rescue

It’s absolutely incredible how the girl who showed up with a vibrator on night one and carried it around the entire night, is the most mature person here.

It was originally Katie who was slighted by Sarah interrupting the group date. Not really any of the other girls, Katie was the one who was talking to Matt and had her time interrupted.

And after watching the other girls tear into her, she was the one to go talk to Sarah and make sure she was okay.

Sarah tells her that she wants to leave the show all together that she can’t handle it. And Katie asks her not to. Not because it will play out well on TV, but because if Sarah leaves she doesn’t want to be a second choice. That if Sarah is Matt’s true love then so be it.

Katie has more right to be furious with Sarah than anyone else in that house and yet she was the only one to offer an olive branch to her. That’s an actual mature adult right there.

Matt if you’re looking for wife like material, look no further than Katie.

Sarah opens up to her about her Dad’s illness and how he could pass away at any moment, to which Katie opens up about her Dad passing away a few years ago. With that in mind, she then pushes for Sarah to go home because spending time with her family is more precious than a TV show.

This leads to Katie regrouping with the other girls before a group date and again without passing judgement telling them that they should be more respectful to each other. That no one knows what each other is going through off screen.

Goodbye Too Soon

Which leads to a tough goodbye early in this season. Sarah goes and tells Matt that she is leaving.

Matt is sad, and taken aback but understands why she is leaving.

My theory here however, is that next week’s episode things don’t go well for Matt.

Remember the season opening trailer? Theres a scene where Matt is sitting on the sidewalk clearly shaken up, and Chris Harrison asks him if he is okay. To which he says no he is not and walks away saying he needs time to think.

I wonder if Sarah leaving shakes him up and he either cancels this group date or is clearly not interested in it and the girls turn on him which leads us to that scene…

That’s my theory at least.

I also believe we have not seen the last of Sarah I think she comes back.

Episode Winner: Katie

Katie is the clear episode winner this week.

She was the one single girl who had every right to hate Sarah’s guts for what she did. And while she was upset with Sarah she handled it in a very mature way.

She confronted Sarah face to face after the fact. Did not raise her voice or hurl insults at her. Simply stated her frustration and moved on.

Then when the rest of the mob ripped Sarah apart just because she was an easy target it was Katie who sought her out on her own and apologized for what happened and then took the time to understand why Sarah was upset.

Katie is my favorite this season. She deserves to win.

Episode Loser: Sarah

Obviously my heart goes out to Sarah. In terms of her home and personal life right now, I couldn’t imagine going through that and I am sure it does weigh heavily on her.

But… She went about this all wrong.

You gotta understand coming into this process what it is, your “boyfriend” is openly dating 30 other girls, that’s just how it works.

Sure one is allowed to be jealous and it’s natural to bring those feelings up with Matt. But on your own time, not stepping on other people’s toes. You were going to have plenty more conversations with him, bring it up at any of those.

I hope she figures herself out and comes to peace with her decision, although like I said I don’t think we have seen the last of her.

Next Week

Next week we apparently get new girls coming onto the show.

Yay, more names for me to learn, awesome.

I also just don’t get it…

They did this for Tayshia last season on the Bachelorette. Where they brought in some new guys. But that also made sense she was given a much smaller pool of guys than usual.

Matt has had the normal and usual experience, why bring in more girls? Well the easy answer is the producers trying to stir up drama.

I do find it ironic that Victoria seemingly takes this development the hardest. Now realizing that in the producers eyes she wasn’t special, just simply a means to an end. She now realizes she is expendable. That the producers rose doesn’t protect her anymore.

And apparently we learn who the sugar daddy escort is among the group.

Should be juicy, should be fun. See you then.

Connor Ryan (@connoryan68/@PodVerbalCommit/@YourFantasy_CGS)

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