The Bachelor Episode 2 Recap

Welcome back to the second recap of The Bachelor. We are done with the introductions and now are moving onto the actual dates with our bachelor Matt James.

Some of you may have caught this episode on Monday, I for one saw it recorded on Tuesday. I was busy watching my bet of Ohio State Moneyline go down the tubes against Alabama.

We get two one on one’s, a giant group date and of course a whole mess of Victoria drama.

If you aren’t caught up yet, make sure to check out last week’s recap.

The First One on One

The first one on one goes to Bri, who made a good connection with Matt on night one. and get’s to keep making that connection on this one on one date.

They drive some ATV’s which doesn’t seems more like an impending lawsuit than a date idea but whatever I’m sure The Bachelor has a ridiculous insurance coverage already.

And just as I was thinking that, there was suppose to be a cute moment where Bri hops on Matt’s ATV and he even asks “Do you trust me?”

And then proceeds to flip it over.

They both laugh it off, Matt reverts back to middle school apologizing to Mrs. Bri’s Mom for possibly injuring her daughter.

Remember that? Back in middle school? We would call our friends parents Mrs. (Insert friends name here) Mom.

They find a secluded hot tub in the middle of the Pennsylvania wilderness and Matt chops some wood to get it heated up. However my theory is that there is a zero percent chance he cleanly chopped that piece of wood on the first try. The camera angle changes after he says that. No shot, he had to mess it up like 5 times.

They have a nice chat in the hot tub yada yada she gets a rose at the end of the date.

First Date Wins and Losses

Not too much detail in this date. But I do want to point out the pro’s and cons of getting an early one on one date like this.

The pros, simple it solidifies you as an early favorite. With this date I think we can all agree Bri will be around till the nitty gritty. Probably around to the rose ceremony right before hometowns honestly.

The cons however. You don’t get another one on one date basically until hometowns. Sure it solidifies you now, but by the time that rose ceremony rolls around, Matt will have a few more recent one on one dates with other girls that might sway his decision making more than this date that happened a few weeks ago.

For Bri, she can relax for a few rose ceremonies going forward, with the one rose from this date, she basically got another three or four. But when it comes down to the real tough choices, she might wish her date came a little bit later.

A Physical Wedding

So for this first group date it’s apparently a massive group of women, and apparently that still didn’t cover every girl in the house/hotel.

So some girls still don’t get time with Matt this week.

The group date was the girls picking wedding dresses and taking wedding photos with Matt. Which is not very original. I’ve only seen three seasons of the Bachelor/Bachelorette, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this date like 10 times.

The drama kicks in when Victoria out of the damn sky just decides that it’s her turn to take photos with Matt by yelling “It’s time for the royal wedding!”

Remember, Victoria is the supposed adult who is still playing Halloween and thinks she is a queen.

The photographer is confused and even calls for another girls name and Victoria still butts her way into the pictures.

This was all sorts of cringeworthy… Just forcing herself into the situation. Pulling out the garter trick. Pulling Matt’s face in to kiss him I mean YIKES.

We will get to more Victoria later so let’s try and move on.

So our boy Chris Harrison interrupts and says the date is going to take a dramatic turn.

They move it into the woods for basically a game of capture the flag, but with paint. So basically if you get slapped with paint, you are tagged. And yes they are still wearing those wedding dresses so that’s the fun part of it, yay.

But the catch is that the winning team gets to spend the cocktail party with Matt, the losing team goes back to the hotel for the night.

Nothing crazy happens here to be honest with you. We see girls running around slapping each other with paint. At the end the losing team cries a little bit because they don’t get to spend time with Matt.

I personally, scoffed at such an idea as crying because I lost a game of capture the flag, but as my wife pointed out, if I was hit in the face with a purse and paint maybe I would too. Touche.

Cocktail Party For One

The cocktail party gives a couple of little things this week.

First, Abigail who got the first impression rose last week and Matt have a nice moment. She tells him that at the rose ceremony that if he sees her playing with her earring that means she’s thinking of him.

Very cute, so wholesome, much love.

Lauren and Matt had a great chat as well and that led to her getting the group date rose. Always good to get a group date rose, that proves you stood out above a bunch of other ladies.

And of course Victoria… I can’t not talk about her.

So she gets some time to talk to Matt. And tries her damndest to be a normal human being.

She says that despite her “confident” demeanor she also has insecurities and insecure thoughts.

And then has to ask Matt for a kiss before he takes her back to the group. Again awkward.

But then tells us on her own that she deserves the rose because she was just so open and vulnerable with him. Ummmmm no, you told him that you have the same self doubts as like 99.9% of the god damn planet.

Who doesn’t have some insecurities about themselves?

Short people will tell you that they have none, but that’s simply a defense mechanism for their insecurity of being short.

I would love but I think also hate a VH1 special detailing Victoria’s life, I can only assume that her parents are incredibly wealthy and also just the absolute worst people.

This girl had to be handed everything in life. She was never told no, or that she was wrong. If she was, then there is an incredibly sad story about how she was treated or bullied so badly that she developed this alter-ego where she is a queen in this different reality.

Basically she is what Caillou would grow up to be.

A Vulnerable One on One

Sarah gets the second one on one with Matt for the week.

They fly in a plane, where they both look terrified it’s actually sort of funny. She’s definitely scared and you can see Matt’s facial expression isn’t exactly one filled with happiness and joy.

They go for a walk in the woods after the fact and talk about some things. To which Matt says he’s noticing that Sarah is holding something back.

So at dinner he tells her that and asks her to be more open and vulnerable with him.

Which is a tough ask but also a deserved one. If you’re Matt you have like a month or so to date 30 women and you don’t get to spend a ton of time with all of them. He has to unpack all of their baggage and sort through any red flags rather quickly, so he needs honesty and vulnerability up front.

Well eventually Sarah opens up with her personal life. She mentions that her Dad has ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, which is the same disease Stephen Hawking had.

Or I mean also, you know, Lou Gehrig….

But she tells Matt about how she left her job to move back home and take care of her Dad who is her hero. And that she was even hesitant to come on this show because she did not want to leave him.

It’s a very touching story, and one that makes Sarah I’m sure a fan favorite for weeks to come. She gets a rose, and we are not done with her just yet.

Okay… Let’s Talk About Victoria

Question for you. Would you rather re-live 2020 or be done with it, but all of 2021 Victoria is your roommate?

I honestly might just choose to re-live 2020. Victoria is that awful of a person.

God bless anyone that has to ever put up with her, they should be automatically nominated for sainthood by the Catholic Church.

So Victoria has been causing drama this entire episode. With the first one on one, as we talked about before, Bri got it. The other girls were obviously a little upset that it wasn’t them but said good for Bri.

Victoria chimed in that she was mad it wasn’t her and that anyone who isn’t should just leave the show because they obviously aren’t there for Matt. Okay….

So later it pops up again when Bri and Matt enjoy a personal fireworks show all the girls commented how they’re jealous that she gets that with him.

Victoria then tries to play the “I told you so” and victim cards at the same time. Saying this is exactly what she said earlier but the girls were mean to her about it.

Side note, they were not.

She then points out her roommate Marylynn and says she was mean because she apparently said something along the lines of “I wish I could get inside your head and see how you think.” Which I think anyone who spends more than 5 minutes with this mess of a person would

As Troy Barnes would say Victoria is “If God spilled a person”

Anyways, Victoria “feels” victimized and elects to sleep on the couch in the hotel lobby rather than her own room.

You know, like an idiot.

Cut to the cocktail party prior to the rose ceremony. Where girls who did not get to go on any sort of date this week are desperate to talk to Matt.

One of those girls is Victoria’s ex-roommate Marylynn. Who emotionally asks Matt why is she still here if she didn’t get to go on a date, she feels like he forgot about her.

Turns out quite the contrary, Matt actually has her favorite flower, an orchid, on stand by to give to her. Proving that he not only remember her name, but also her favorite flower.

Marylynn is understandably excited and runs to show the other girls what Matt did for her. However it also catches the eyes and ears of, you guessed it, Victoria.

She immediately runs to Matt to tell her how Marylynn is toxic and bullied her.

Matt is obviously taken aback, he is shocked that the girl he just gave a flower to is actually a terrible person according to the bags under Victoria’s eyes.

I mean I don’t think she was lying about sleeping on the couch at least good God. Pete Davidson’s eyes look better than that.

For someone so self absorbed I’m shocked she allowed herself to go to the rose ceremony looking LIKE THAT.

I don’t know a thing about makeup but use some concealer or eye shadow or just wear some damn sunglasses if you are hitting the town looking and acting like Emperor Palpatine.

Matt talks to Marylynn about the allegations brought against her, to which poor Marylynn doesn’t even have it in her heart to drag Victoria through the mud even then.

However the rest of the girls ask Victoria what’s happening and she tells them that she told Matt how toxic Marylynn is. To which every single girl there is like huh?

Maybe it’s easy for me to see this from the outside looking in. But if I were Matt or any Bachelor/Bachelorette I would remove the two people in question of the drama. I would then visit the rest of the group as a whole and ask for the story.

Promise anonymity, that nothing would leak out. Especially in this situation, because it would be 99% against Victoria and Matt would be quickly able to tell that Victoria is simply starting drama and spreading lies.

Even last season on The Bachelorette with Noah and Bennett’s drama. Remove those two and rather than play the game of trying to take each person at their word. Ask the house. And if the house is split and agree that they both start drama then kick them both out.

I feel like it’s probably that simple but that’s just me.

So Marylynn tries to talk to Victoria about it. And Victoria doesn’t even give her the time of day.

And I give Marylynn a ton of credit here. She had every right to scream and yell at her and call her every name in the book. But she didn’t instead Marylynn took the blame upon herself. She apologized for a mix up in communication. That’s a mature adult, realizing that perhaps she said something that was taken the wrong way.

Does Victoria apologize? Nooooope. Instead she says thanks for the apology, but then doubles down on calling Marylynn manipulative and toxic and then just walks away.

I mean it is unbelievable how awful of a person Victoria is it is really astounding.

What is also astounding is the levels of stupidity that Victoria is. She tells Marylynn that they are simply “Oil and vinegar” when trying to express how they don’t get along…

According to Victoria together they are a delicious salad dressing.

The saying is oil and water. I mean Victoria is just mind bogglingly stupid.

She then tries to say that she cares about human connection and that Marylynn used that to take advantage of her. The only human connection I have seen out of Victoria is ability to be universally hated.

The girls all now hate Victoria, as if they already didn’t. Because she just ruined a cocktail party that many girls who didn’t get to spend time with Matt at all this week needed.

All because Marylynn got a flower.

Part of me wants to think this is the real Victoria. And part of me thinks she is pulling these antics for just this. For people to talk about her.

Bachelor twitter after this episode was choked with Victoria opinions. This blog is 75% about Victoria. I think she is getting EXACTLY what she wants out of this. Attention.

It sucks that I have to put this much effort into this horrible of a person but I do. She has taken over the show, and it’s what she wants.

Now I’m not going to sit here and say I think in normal society that she is an upstanding moral citizen. There’s no way she is. But I think she is certainly playing all of this up. She knows what she’s doing.

Matt’s Red Flags

So remember like 10 minutes ago before Victoria I said we would get back to Sarah?

Well she brings up a great point during the rose ceremony. She tells the camera that she obviously had a great time with Matt but this Victoria drama is calling in some questions for her.

Basically if Matt can’t see through Victoria’s manipulative charade and is putting up with her behavior or even thinks for a second that she is a decent person. That’s a major red flag.

Would you want to marry someone who thinks that type of behavior is in any way acceptable?

And basically Sarah works herself into a tail spin and just about faints during the rose ceremony.

They bring the medics over as she tries to regain her breath and we get hit with the TO BE CONTINUED…

Next Week

I hate to break it to you all. But Victoria stays.

Which might mean Marylynn is gone which is a real shame. But as Billy Joel once said “Only the good die young.”

So if you thought Victoria was infuriating this week. It appears next week is that times ten.

But here is the thing. If you think about it Victoria is 2020 and our society in a nutshell.

She is everything bad rolled into one. She is the fake Facebook doctors who refuse to wear a mask because “It’s my right” and rational people just wave them off, or the sudden influx of US Constitution experts who only know the first three words “We the people” and nothing else about the document.

Victoria is the type of person who thinks getting your social media privileges taken away is a violation of your first amendment rights. News flash, it’s not.

But again what did most of us do with those people? We waved them off, pushed them to the side. We all had more personal issues and problems going on that we didn’t have the energy to deal with their stupidity, arrogance and gaslighting. Until it was too late, until there were innocent people being hurt by them.

Just this last week we saw what that apathy eventually spiraled into with the attack on our nations Capitol building and finally after we got sent to our breaking point did we finally stand up and say enough was enough.

Victoria is all of those things, if anything she is political commentary.

We pull our hair at the other girls staying silent and not defending Marylynn to Matt. But that was us during 2020.

Next week we might finally start to see the fight back at Victoria. She is strongest when she can divide and conquer, but if the girls unite together against her then she is powerless.

That is what we are seeing right now, the people who stormed the Capitol building are nothing more than a bunch of Victoria’s, they had their time and their fun, but now we are finally saying to them that enough is enough and Victoria will get hers very soon.

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