“And Your 2020 NBA Champions Are” – A Breakdown of the Probable Playoff Match-Ups (Pt. 4)

Here we are, with the fourth and final installment of my playoff predictions if the NBA were to adopt a

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Who’s the Favorite to Win the NBA’s 2020 Championship?

2020 has not gone as anyone had expected. A pandemic was certainly not on the agenda. But as a result

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The Rafters Pod Ep. 32: Top 5 College Players Ever, Celtics 2019 Draft Evaluation, The Last Dance Pt. 7 & 8

  The fellas get together (virtually of course) to discuss their takeaways from the latest episodes of the hit documentary

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How the Celtics Season Should have Ended (Part 4)

California Love  LBJ, Davis, and the Lakers meshed much more quickly and effectively than expected. The Lakers sat on the

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Did The Celtics Get Hosed Last Night Against The Lakers?

The Celtics and Lakers played one of the best regular season games of the NBA season thus far. The Lakers

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