Burnie and Chris Episode 15

We are back for another fun filled week! We give our reactions to the 2021 NFL Draft! It’s also been frustrating to see how inconsistent the Celtics still are. Lastly, we both agree with everyone else that Tom Wilson does not belong in the NHL and that he should be banned from the league! Here are this week’s topics:

  • Red Sox update
  • Yankees update
  • Dustin May out for season (Tommy John)
  • Sharks update
  • Rangers update
  • Bruins update
  • Screw Tom Wilson… he’s a horrible person
  • Playoff hockey hype!
  • Celtics are a yikes once again
  • Sixers vs Bucks vs Nets for number one spot in Eastern conference
  • Suns vs Jazz for number one spot in the Western conference
  • LeBron and Anthony Davis return from injury
  • LeBron’s comments on the play-in tournament
  • Playoff basketball hype!
  • NFL Draft review
  • Aaron Rodgers’ time in Green Bay is in…. Jeopardy!



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