Burnie and Chris Episode 12

It was another fun week! We have an additonal topic to discuss (and apolgize about)! Here are the topics that were discussed this week:

  • Yankees early season struggles
  • Red Sox are hot
  • Joe Musgrove’s no hitter
  • Sharks update
  • Rangers update
  • Bruins update
  • NHL Trade deadline
  • Baylor stops Gonzaga’s perfect season
  • We are sorry about forgetting about The Masters
  • Hideki Matsuyama’s historic victory
  • Celtics are hot
  • A-Rod buys the Minnesota Timberwolves
  • James Wiseman most likely out of the year
  • LeBron and AD are coming back soon
  • Sam Darnold trade reactions
  • What will Carolina do with the 8th pick?

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