Burnie and Chris Episode 40

It’s Burnie and Chris episode 40! This week the champagne bottles are popping in honor of the Atlanta Braves winning the world series! The good guys win and the bad guys lose, just how we all wanted. In other MLB news, J.D. Martinez will return next year for the Boston Red Sox and Matt is excited about that! Also, Matt gives a take on where Clayton Kershaw will end up after he was not given an offer by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Chris does not like or agree with the take at all. In the NHL we give updates on the San Jose Sharks, New York Rangers and why the NHL schedule makers hate the Boston Bruins. Everyone else in their division has played double digit games except for the Bruins. Something has got to give there.

The Boston Celtics are playing better. They went 2-1 on this small three game road trip giving fans hope. But, we still evaluate what is wrong with the team and why those Ben Simmons trade rumors were laughable. The Los Angeles Lakers are struggling. LeBron James is injured, Russell Westbrook isn’t great and Anthony Davis is quiet. Something has got to give with this team.

In college football, Auburn lost and the real Bo Nix is back stinking up the football field. He gives every Auburn fan a headache. Michigan State loses to Purdue! The college football playoff committee is a joke, we explain why. In the NFL, the Patriots and Giants win! We give our thoughts on the tragic decision Henry Ruggs made (please do not drink and drive). We also answer the burning question: where will Odell Beckham Jr sign? Lastly, we review week nine as always!

Topics in Burnie and Chris episode 40

  • The Atlanta Braves win it all!
  • J.D. Martinez is staying in Boston
  • Where will Clayton Kershaw go
  • San Jose Sharks update
  • New York Rangers update
  • Boston Bruins update
  • Boston Celtics update
  • The Los Angeles Lakers are bad
  • Auburn is bad again because of Bo Nix
  • Down goes Michigan State
  • The college football playoff committee is pathetic
  • Sam Darnold saw more ghosts against the Patriots 
  • Giants win against the Raiders
  • Our thoughts on Henry Ruggs
  • Where is Odell going
  • Week nine review in the NFL

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