Suplex Biddies Episode 18

Welcome to another episode of: SUPLEX BIDDIES! Suplex Biddies episode 18 is presented by Couch Guy Sports and brought to you by EXOGUN. Use the code CGS10 for a 10% off discount of your order today!

Suplex Biddies Crew!

The biddies are back in action with the full crew. We have yours truly, the host Chris Jones. Then of course, there’s Andrew Hunneman. Finally, before he heads off on vacation to celebrate his honeymoon, we also have  Diego Galvis. And guess what folks? We are back at it again!

The Content

In this week’s episode, the boys get into the nitty and gritty of this weeks; topics starting off with the NXT Great American bash pay-per-view! Did you watch it?

Following after that, its time to get predictions in for the Money-In-The-Bank PPV for WWE coming up this weekend. Check out what the boys had to say.

Lastly, Malakai Black on AEW! OH MY GOD!

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Where to Find The Biddies?

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Lastly, tell us what you thought of Suplex Biddies episode 18, our Money in the Bank predictions!

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