Fantasy Football Training Camp Battles To Watch

I am back to give you more fantasy football content that you need to know for this upcoming season. Today we are going to be talking about some training camp battles that you will need to watch play out this summer. Training camp battles have big time impact on a players fantasy value. If the player performs well in training camp, then his value goes up in fantasy football. We got some key position battles that are taking place this training camp that you will want to watch out for. With that being said here are my training camp battles that you need to watch for fantasy football purposes.


Honorable Mentions: 

Jonathan Taylor vs Marlon Mack

Devin Singletary vs Zack Moss

Myles Gaskin vs Malcolm Brown

Ronald Jones vs Leonard Fournette

Chase Edmonds vs James Conner

Jimmy Garoppollo vs Trey Lance


New Orleans Saints Starting QB

With Drew Brees retiring, we now have an opening as quarterback number one in New Orleans. Two quarterbacks are going at it for their spot as the starting quarterback of the Saints. Taysom Hill who was a dynamic play maker for the Saints last season is going up against former Buccaneers starting quarterback Jameis Winston. This quarterback battle as much on the line.

It can affect Michael Thomas’ fantasy value and Alvin Kamara’s fantasy value as well. Depending on who starts Thomas’ targets could go down a lot from where he was in 2019. In 2020, Thomas had injuries that kept him out of a ton of games last season. In his last full season he was an absolute beast with Brees throwing him the ball. Now without Brees we need to see what Thomas’ value will look like in 2021. His value isn’t great after last year’s production, but we could see his value go up depending on who wins this quarterback battle.

Alvin Kamara needs a consistent passing game to be really effective in the fantasy football world. If the Saints passing attack is struggling, defenses will key in on Kamara and he won’t be able to do much. If Kamara wants to stay as one of the top running backs in fantasy football, the Saints better make the right choice at quarterback.


James Robinson vs Travis Etienne

This might be one of my favorite battles that I will be watching this summer. The starting running back for Jacksonville will come down to either James Robinson who was their starting running back last year, or Travis Etienne one of the Jaguars first round picks from the 2021 NFL Draft. Etienne has that chemistry with the Jaguars new starting quarterback Trevor Lawrence, so that already puts him a step ahead in my books.

Robinson did what he did last season with a pretty bad Jaguars team. I do think he is a serviceable running back, but if the Jaguars want to look to improve they might want to ride with Etienne. Robinson’s style of how he runs might not be as effective in the Urban Meyer offense. Where Etienne played with Lawrence in college, and we saw what he could do in a style similar to Urban Meyer’s. So this will be interesting for fantasy football owners on where they end up in rankings. I have them both as tier five running backs right now. They are there due to the inconsistency on who will get the carries. Once we find out who is getting the carries, you will know who to draft in your league.


Andy Dalton vs Justin Fields

The Chicago Bears drafted what looks to be the quarterback of the future in Justin Fields. However they did sign Andy Dalton beforehand to be their starting quarterback for the 2021 season. So now we have a great quarterback battle between first round pick Fields and Dalton the free agent quarterback that they brought in to start. No matter what gets said to the media “Andy Dalton will start week one” is a giant myth right now. The Justin Fields hype train is real ladies and gentleman. All Chicago Bears fans want the Justin Fields era to start as soon as possible.

For Chicago Bears wide receiver’s fantasy value such as Allen Robinson, Darnell Mooney, Jimmy Graham and company they would benefit in a huge boost from Justin Fields being the number one quarterback over Andy Dalton. We will see this battle shake up big time at the end of training camp and the value of Allen Robinson with Justin Fields being the starting quarterback will be something that a lot of fantasy football owners would like to have in 2021.


Los Angeles Rams #1 Running Back

The Los Angeles Rams passing offense got a whole lot better after they traded for Matthew Stafford this off-season. Now that they have their starting quarterback, the battle to watch in training camp for them is who will be the number one running back on the depth chart for the Rams. The battle will mainly be between Cam Akers and Darrell Henderson. Akers started out a little slow last season due to injuries, but towards the end of the year he progressed into what looks to be a starting caliber running back. Henderson had a couple big games last season, but in my opinion didn’t show me enough to label him as a potential starting running back.

Right now I have Akers on a fringe tier 2 tier 3 label fantasy running back. I have all the way down in tier 6 for running backs. I think Akers if he is healthy is going to have a great camp and will flourish into the Rams starting running back. Akers provides more in my honest opinion in offensive production opposed to Henderson. Akers could easily run away with this battle, we will have to wait and see.


-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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