Suplex Biddies Episode 37 – Out NOW!

Welcome to another episode of your favorite Wrestling podcast, the Suplex Biddies! Presented by the Couch Guy Sports Network and

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Pat McAfee just got paid, The Pat McAfee Show and FanDuel agree to terms on a massive exclusive deal

Former All-Pro NFL punter, current WWE analyst and the host of the Pat McAfee show, Pat McAfee just landed a

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Suplex Biddies Episode 31 – Jones’ Moment LOL!

Episode 31 – Now Available! Welcome to another episode of Suplex Biddies, this time it is episode 31! The official

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Suplex Biddies Ep # 30: Crown Jewel, AEW and More!

Suplex Biddies 30th Episode! Welcome to Suplex Biddies Ep # 30. The premier wrestling podcast from the Couch Guy Sports

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