Red Sox Trip to London Was a Brutal Wakeup Call

29: that is the number of runs that the Boston Red Sox gave up to the New York Yankees during their two-game series (beating) in London, England.

The first game was relatively close. Starter Rick Porcello failed to get out of the first inning, only recording one out, and was relieved by a bullpen that would allow 11 runs in the game. Boston’s offense tried their best to keep the team in it, but they still took the L 17-13.

The second game on Sunday was going Boston’s way, but the bullpen blew the Sox two-run lead in the 7th inning by giving up 9 runs to New York. That half-inning was able to power the Yanks to a 12-8 victory.

I honestly don’t know what to say about this team anymore. They are ever so talented but continue to disappoint. Being 11 games out of first place on July 1 is not something people should expect from a reigning World Series champion, but that is where we stand.

I have already talked about how pretty much every one on the team has played worse compared to last year, but even if this team isn’t at their best they are better than 44-40. Boston has the highest payroll in baseball and it looks like they are going have to battle teams like the Tampa Bay Rays, Cleveland Indians, and the Texas Rangers to get into the postseason.

Even if they get to the American League Wild Card Game I really don’t have the confidence in them to win that game. Granted there is a lot of time from now to September / October and that can change, but just like most Red Sox fans I have been waiting for the Sox to earn my trust all season.

I will continue to wait for the Sox to turn it on because of how much talent they have. Like manager Alex Cora said, they have the talent to win the World Series again, but they are definitely not that team right now. This team just doesn’t have the juice for another postseason run and they continue to show that by  getting pounded by winning teams over and over in 2019.

-Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)

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