Celtics Get Their Center In Enes Kanter

We all knew that Danny Ainge had work to do once Al Horford signed with the Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday night. Celtics fans were wondering what Danny had up his sleeve. We now have our answer. The Celtics signed center Enes Kanter away from the Portland Trail Blazers yesterday.

The deal is for two years and 10 million dollars. Now, a lot of people had mixed reactions to this signing. Here is my official take on the signing.

I Like The Signing

Before you all throw a tamper tantrum, hear me out for a second. Yes, Kanter was not the number one option for the Celtics this off-season. But, he is a great signing for what the Celtics had money wise. He averaged a double-double with the Knicks in 44 games last season before going to Portland. The key here is the rebounding. Kanter can average 10-11 rebounds a game, which the Celtics have needed for years. His defense is suspect at best, especially in pick and roll situations. But, Brad Stevens can coach that up with his system.

The Celtics Aren’t Done Yet With Their Roster

Danny Ainge is not dumb by any means. He knows he still has some work to get done. This roster cannot rely on four rookies to carry the load of being contributing bench players in their rookie years. That is just unreasonable. One name to keep an eye on: DeMarcus Cousins.

The Celtics are expected to have a meeting with free agent center DeMarcus Cousins. If you are able to sign Cousins on a one year, “prove it” deal; then you start to have something. Do I like Cousins as a player? Yes. Do I worry about him with the technical fouls? Yes! But, a lineup with Cousins as your starting center and Kanter coming off the bench could be very scary in the East next season.

In Conclusion

The Kanter signing is good, considering the financial state the Celtics find themselves in currently. If he starts next season, great. If he doesn’t start because you can sign a guy like Cousins or make a trade somewhere, (Hi Karl-Anthony Towns!) then the Celtics are even better. But one good thing about Kanter, he has a phenomenal personality which will help him ease into Boston smoothly.

I think I like this guy already!

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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