Kyrie Irving’s Video About Joining the Brooklyn Nets Makes Me So Happy He’s Out of Boston

As we all know at this point, Kyrie Irving ditched the Celtics and went to go sign a 4-year, $142 million contract with the Brooklyn Nets. Obviously, his time with the Celtics was filled with drama and negativity. After this past season, he definitely lost a lot of fans, at least in Boston. Today he dropped this intro video to the Brooklyn Nets and, well, it’s perfectly Kyrie.

Could you induce any more vomit for me? Yikes.

What annoys me most about this video is that he acts like this was the plan all along. Just like the quote in the tweet above, “Home is where my heart is. And it’s always been there”. He also says “I always knew I wanted to play at home”. I’m being serious when I say this. Does he think we just don’t remember what he said before the season last year in front of the Celtics fans at the TD Garden?

You intended to sign a long term deal with the team you thought you were going to love and take to the NBA Finals last year, but you always wanted to play at home? I mean, couldn’t you have just gone the Kevin Durant route and not said this and just let people do what they did anyway and pepper you with questions about your future? Because, I know he doesn’t like to face this reality, but that’s life for a professional athlete in any sport. I haven’t heard Mookie Betts whine because people want to know if he’ll be with the Red Sox for most of his career. Have you? Am I missing something?

And what about that interview with 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Rich Shertenlieb? Rich asked Kyrie specifically about joining the Knicks and he references how it’s an easy line to draw because that’s where he’s from. And how him going to play for his hometown team isn’t the gameplan?

Look, the point of this blog here isn’t to be upset with Kyrie ditching the Celtics. Because I’m not. At the end of this season, even before any sort of Kemba Walker rumor started to stir, I was out on Kyrie all together. I did not want this guy back in Boston because I was tired of the attitude, him talking at us telling us that the team just needs to “evolve” and his clear disdain for the organization, coach, and the young guys on the roster. Is he a generational talent? Sure. But to me, he doesn’t fit well as a team guy. And with the Celtics young core, you need to help bring them along, especially if you’re going to proclaim yourself as the leader of the team.

See yuh, Kyrie. Bring on Kemba Walker. A team player, who is supremely talented and is going to play his ass off in Celtics green. I only wish Al Horford was coming back because man, this team could have been a real wagon. Enes Kanter is solid, but man I loved Al.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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