Red Sox Continue to Tease With How Good They Can Be

Today is Monday June 24th and the Boston Red Sox have 37 losses. They also have 42 wins, but last year they had 88 victories when they lost their 37th game.

It has been duly noted that this year’s team is nothing close to the World Series Champion 2018 team. Mookie Betts isn’t lighting the world on fire, their bullpen is even shakier than it was last year, and Rick Porcello and Eduardo Rodriguez both have ERA’s north of 4.5. Things just aren’t the same.

In the same breath you could look at the Red Sox roster and say, “Well they have basically the same roster, they will be fine.” The only issue with that is that that has been said for months.

People bought into the idea that the start of the season was just a, “World Series hangover”. In a sense it was because the Sox have shown to be better than the 6-13 record they started with, but that does not make them as good as the 2018 team. Yes, their bullpen is not as good and both their lineup and rotation have not been as healthy as they can be. Still, depth is a characteristic of good teams. World Series teams. Playoff teams. Does Boston have that? Not really.

I do not want this to come across as me screaming from a rooftop about how the Red Sox stink, because that is not the way I feel. They are mediocre with all-star level potential. That is why it is so difficult to watch this team. You see them take two out of three games from the surging Minnesota Twins just to witness them get bashed around by the Toronto Blue Jays in their home park.

There is no debating that this team has the talent to be a World Series contender, but they need to find that level of consistency. It seems as if every time they take a step forward, there is an inevitable step back. For a baseball team that’s goal is to put another ring in its collection, that can not happen.

-Jarrod Ribaudo (@Jribs53)

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