Red Sox Shot Themselves In The Foot

The Red Sox have many big decisions to make over the next 8-10 months. The Mookie Betts contract, JD (most likely) opting out, trying to get under the luxury tax, needing a new GM, just to name a few. The only issue is, the Red Sox are the ones that shot themselves in the foot.

When the ownership held their press conference, with no cameras and only select members of the media, they mentioned that they and Dombrowski had “philosophical disagreements over the future of the team” after winning the World Series in 2018. Interesting that they would say that since a few months earlier they allowed Dombrowski to hand out multiple multi-year contracts worth big money. If Sox Nation is looking to blame anyone when we have no choice but to trade our homegrown franchise player, Mookie Betts, look no further than the ownership. These guys STINK!

Do I want to see Mookie gone? No, absolutely not. Do I think they should trade him if they can’t get him to sign an extension? Absolutely! Well, on one condition, you bring back JD. If you trade Mookie you’ll get a haul of prospects. By all accounts, JD has done a fantastic job with helping current Red Sox hitters fix their swings by evaluating their games. Why not keep him around and allow him to work with some of the prospects you receive in the Betts deal?

These next 10 months are going to be very interesting. Ownership once again put us stuck between a rock and a hard place. This time, I don’t think they’ll be able to completely claw themselves out of it in a timely manner.

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

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