Big Papi Is Just Trying to Get Frank Thomas Drunk on TV During the Playoffs

David Ortiz is back in the media, breaking down games and having his presence back on TV has been awesome. Everybody loves Big Papi and seeing him healthy after everything that happened over the summer is great to see. And last night he spent some of his time trying to get one of his co-hosts, Frank Thomas, to drink vodka on set. And mission accomplished.

Have you ever drank anything that ended up not being what you expected? It’s one of the weirdest feelings that rattles my brain anytime I do it. And I think we’ve all done this. Well, in college I think we all did it. Reach for a water bottle that’s sitting on the desk and next thing you know your throats on fire from $20 Rasberry Svedka.

And is Papi the bad guy here? Of course not. He’s that friend who just wants everybody to have a good time. And when he sees that nerd in the corner not drinking, he’s just getting them going a little bit. Maybe he thought Thomas needed to loosen up on set a bit. I don’t know but Tito’s as far as Vodka goes… Not bad. And Vodka STINKS. He was just doing him a favor and honestly, shoutout to Papi for just thinking about his buddies.

And side note, why don’t we get these guys liquored up before a postgame show one of these nights? I know, I know. FCC regulations. But baseball needs some spicing up. And you’re telling me people won’t tune in for these guys if they’re all a little tipsy? Just brainstorming here, but let’s be honest. Not that bad of an idea.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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