What To Watch For In The Celtics-Magic Preseason Game Tonight

With the Red Sox season ending, the Bruins starting out HOT, and the Patriots staying undefeated; the Celtics have gotten lost in the shuffle. They played their first preseason game the other night again the Charlotte Hornets. They have another game coming up tonight in Orlando against the Magic. With that being said, there’s always something to pay attention to, even during the preseason. So, let’s break down what to watch for during tonight’s Celtics-Magic showdown.

Romeo Langford’s Debut

Tonight marks the highly anticipated debut for Romeo Langford. Langford was the Celtics 1st pick (14th overall) during the 2019 NBA draft. However, Langford had been sidelined due to a hand injury. Tonight will be interesting to see how much Langford plays and what role he will play in the offensive sets. He’s known as a good shooter, coming out of Indiana University and can create his own shot at any time. He averaged 16.5 points per game in his one season at Indiana. If Langford can be productive, that’s another scorer that can be beneficial off of the Celtics bench.

The Celtics Continued Growing Chemistry

What was the biggest downfall to the Celtics last season? Their overall team chemistry. What did the new guys coming in want to change right off the bat? Their overall team chemistry. It’s only been one game, but this Celtics team already looks more fun than last year’s group. As you can see on the first play of the Charlotte game, the Celtics don’t mind spreading the ball around to get an easy basket. Everybody hypes each other up on a big play, and there are actual smiles on the bench. SMILING! Go figure that one out. This Celtics team so far looks like they all get along. When they hit a tough stretch, we’ll see how strong the chemistry will be. But for now, let’s see how the chemistry grows from one game to the next. Will the chemistry take another step in the right direction tonight in Orlando? Stay tuned.

Tacko Fall

It may not be a home game, but the Tacko Fall hype is very real. Listen to the roar of the T.D. Garden crowd when Fall checked into the game. He followed that with a put-back dunk, a few blocks, and a few rebounds. Fall isn’t ready to start tomorrow, we know that. But, there is something to this kid. It’ll be interesting to see if Brad Stevens will give Fall more minutes tonight than in the Charlotte game. Can Fall handle 8-10 minutes a game for now? Sure. But, do I think Fall can handle 12-15 minutes a game also? Again, sure. The more Fall plays, the more beneficial he’ll be for the future.

In Conclusion

There’s definitely a lot to watch for tonight. I personally can’t wait for the Celtics regular season to start. It’ll be fun, they’ll be likable, and they’ll surprise a lot of people this season. Get ready Celtics fan, the season is right around the corner! For now, take the time to indulge into some preseason basketball and get overly hyped.

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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