Pick Three: Sauces Edition

Welcome back to another edition of: pick three! You’ve seen me write a few of these articles now. On Tuesday, there was the article about New England restaurants. Last week, I talked about sitcoms. Heck, there’s even an article about building the ultimate tailgate meal. Well, Barstool Sports has given me another idea for a fun “pick three” scenario.

Sauces are tough. They can make or even break the meal. Which sauces will make the cut? What ones will just miss? Finally, which ones are just plain OUT? Let’s break it all down!

Chick-Fil-A Sauce- IN

What is Chick-fil-A sauce made of? | Chick-fil-A

I mean, that just looks heavenly! The Chick-fil-A sauce is perfect with the sandwich. Breaded chicken, pickles, and the sauce all on a bun? Yep, I’ll take that all of the time. I may or may not have ordered some Chick-fil-A sauce on Amazon and still am waiting for it. Whatever the case, Chick-fil-A sauce is my number one option and a slam dunk.

Wendy’s Creamy Sriracha Sauce- IN

The Real Fast Foodie — Wendy's has a new creamy sriracha sauce for ...

Similar texture to the Chick-fil-A sauce. Obviously, it isn’t the same. But for me, I’m a huge creamy type of guy. If it’s creamy, I’ll probably be putting it on anything. Wendy’s is a great choice for fast food. Plus, the creamy sriracha sauce is just can’t miss. Two for two!

Chick-Fil-A Polynesian Sauce- Honorable Mention

What exactly is Chick-Fil-A's Polynesian sauce?

It isn’t a top option. But on the right day, the polynesian sauce at Chick-fil-A can hit the spot too. It’s hard, isn’t it? This sauce is lost in the shadow of the O.G. sauce. Again, it’s a quality sauce. It doesn’t quite crack my top three. But, it’s good enough for an honorable mention.

WhatABurger Spicy Ketchup- OUT

Whataburger Spicy Ketchup "Wake Up You Taste Buds" ~ 20oz Bottle ...

Look, I’m a believer in regular ketchup. Give me Heintz ketchup on a burger or hot dog and call it a day. Don’t over-complicate something so simple. Forget that! Adding spice to ketchup just doesn’t add up. To me, it’s like putting peanut butter and mayo together. Yeah, not for me pal! Spicy ketchup? No thanks WhataBurger! You can keep your spicy ketchup to yourself.

Taco Bell Fire Sauce- OUT

Fire sauce is best sauce 🔥🔥 : tacobell

This one’s going to be short and sweet. I’m not a fan of extremely spicy stuff. Taco Bell makes people use the bathroom enough as it is. Let’s not make people like me suffer more with this ridiculously hot sauce. Fire Sauce? OUT!

Popeye’s Blackened Ranch Sauce- OUT

Kenji's Best Fast Food Awards (A Totally Biased, Completely ...

If you took a look at my Patriots tailgate article, you already know where I stand on this issue. I’m a bleu cheese guy. Always have been and always will be. Get this ranch out of my face NOW!

McDonald’s Honey Mustard Sauce- IN

McDonald's Around the World: French Cheese & Honey Mustard Sauce ...

I love some good honey mustard. It can go with a lot of different food items. Plus, if you get chicken tenders or nuggets from McDonald’s, this sauce is a great addition to the overall meal. Man, do I miss the days when McDonald’s didn’t make me sick!

Arby’s Horsey Sauce- OUT

Arby's Horsey Sauce | packaging pedia | Fandom

Mayo and horseradish together?! Yeah, I’ll pass. I never really liked Arby’s anyway. This sauce? It just adds to the reason why I’ll never really go there. I was very close to giving it an honorable mention too…before I found out what was in it.

Raising Cane’s Chicken Finger Sauce-Honorable Mention

QUALITY CHICKEN FINGER MEALS | Raising Cane's | Chicken Fingers ...

I literally JUST switched this from OUT to honorable mention. The sauce does look pretty good. To be honest, I never heard of Raising Cane’s until I found this scenario. If there’s one around Boston, I might have to try their chicken fingers along with the sauce. For now, an honorable mention is a fair assessment.

In Conclusion

There you have it, folks! Chick-fil-A sauce along with Wendy’s creamy sriracha and McDonald’s honey mustard are my three. What are your choices for sauces? Feel free to comment on your three at my personal twitter or at Couch Guys twitter, @CouchGuySports. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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