David Ortiz Is On To Something

You probably have heard the news that the MLB passed “judgement” on the Red Sox investigation, and to sum it up, it was a witch hunt from start to finish that did not produce shit. The MLB clearly has something up their kilt when it comes to the Sox. Because a writer who spent his first 3 years with the team “uncovered” a “cheating scandal” with them, and oh yeah, the other team he covers, because, well, EVERY TEAM IN THE MLB USES VIDEO TO IMPROVE THEIR TEAMS, the MLB decided to launch a full blown investigation?

You don’t believe me? Well how about David Ortiz. His words to Fox Sports are as follows,

           “They were searching, trying to find out if anything that happened at Houston happened in Boston, and, basically, it wasn’t even close to a similar situation….You’re going to blame a video guy, suspend him for two years, just because he’s watching what the catchers are giving … telling the players, so the players can use it on the field? That’s what everyone is doing… I don’t call that cheating. I think it was more of an excuse than anything else.”

Let that marinate. This was a man hunt started because of a writer? They assumed Boston did what Houston did because we were UNBELIEVABLE in 2018, and Alex Cora was our manager? Then, of course, you don’t find shit so what do you do MLB? you go and find a scapegoat video guy who you suspend? It’s an absolute JOKE.

You know how I know its a JOKE? Our punishment was…. basically nothing. A second round pick. Alex Cora will definitely be back in 2021, and the Sox will be pissed at the idea one of the best teams in history being investigated for cheating, when, in fact, they didnt do shit. If it wasn’t for the apple watches (John Farrell) there would have been no punishment. and I GUARANTEE you that every team in the league is doing exactly what the sox are doing. But I have said it before and I will say it again, the Sox love being the underdog. Keep underestimating these teams. keep pissing them off. Its food for the fire.

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-Dave Little (@DLittleMLB)

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