On This Day in 1993: Jose Canseco Tries Using His Head…It Didn’t Work Out Well

Sometimes in sports, crazy things happen. We don’t plan for them to happen. But when we do, we can’t help but be shocked or maybe even laugh. That’s what happened to Jose Canseco 27 years ago. He tried to use his head to make a play in right field. And well…it didn’t work out for him so well.

Setting the Scene

Here’s a little background for the “domerun”. The Texas Rangers traveled to Cleveland to take on the Indians in a late May regular season game. The batter was Carlos Martinez. He hits a fly ball that is carrying pretty well. Rangers right fielder Jose Canseco seems to get a decent jump on the ball. As the ball is coming down, you think it’s going to be a routine out. All of a sudden…

Jose Canseco Ball Off Head GIFs | Tenor

no catch is made and a homerun is the result. The Indians would go on to beat the Rangers 7-6 in this one. But everyone would be talking about the blunder that happened with Canseco in right field.

My Thoughts

I mean…it happens. You can’t really get too mad at Jose Canseco for this blunder. We see kids all the time struggling with fly balls when they’re younger. It just so happens that Canseco was in the Major Leagues when this happened. The route was fine, he seemed to have a good jump on it, he just didn’t make the catch. You can’t sit there reading this and tell me you haven’t made had a bonehead play happen because of you. I can remember in college not approaching a roundball correctly and it took the turn of a lifetime away from me. It’s life, it happens.

In Conclusion

Jose Canseco has done a lot in his life. He’s written a book pointing out people doing steroids in the game of baseball. There was one time where he was part of the “Bash Brothers” with Mark McGwire in Oakland. But this play will continue on as legendary until the end of time. So let’s enjoy a funny moment in a time of uncertainty. After all, what else are you going to be doing today?

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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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