Make Tom Brady a Playable Golfer in ‘PGA Tour 2K21’

A Brief Letter to 2K Sports:

Dear 2K Sports,

Please make Tom Brady a playable golfer in ‘PGA Tour 2K21’. Okay, sure Peyton Manning would be cool too, but we mostly want Brady.



‘The Match 2’

It’s really quite simple. ‘The Match 2’ was a massive success, even with such imperfect circumstances:

People who have absolutely no business or shred of interest in golf found themselves fixed on their couches on a Sunday afternoon. Little did they realize, they were watching a charity golf event, AND ENJOYING IT! The praise of the TV event as a success was seemingly unanimous across the internet reacting live as well as after the fact. However, I will admit, that’s excluding the usual ‘Debbie-downers’ on Twitter. Those sad sacks would find a way to complain about a live-streamed speech from a reanimated back-from-the-grave Mahatma Gandhi.

What’s the takeaway from the event which served as the 1st masterstroke of a post-COVID-19 sports event? Well first, Tom Brady is entertaining as hell, in any sport he chooses to partake in. Also, this type of TV event should occur as often as possible, with similar dynamics of having mic’ed up participants bantering back and forth with other celebrities/athletes.

Tom Brady on the golf course was the most talked about sports event in WEEKS. The quarantine is obviously a major factor in that, however, it can’t be overstated how much the world enjoyed Brady and Peyton on the links. The golf world would be foolish to not capitalize on that moment. It’s rather simple with Tom Brady, the man is an absolute electric factory in terms of content when it comes to any sort of competition. When it comes to his competitive nature and fire, some might even say, it’s Jordan-esque

PGA Tour 2K21

But for now, in order to satiate the public’s thirst for more of this sort of content, there must be more that could be done here. What else could give fans even the slightest taste of this event from the comfort of their own homes, whenever they please? Making Tom Brady (and Peyton Manning) unlockable golfers in the upcoming PGA TOUR 2K21:

The game comes out in August, so there’s still time! I’m not implying they need to be included to be playable in career modes and every single type of gameplay though. That might be too much of an ask. Even having Tom and Peyton as unlockable characters just for an exhibition match mode would suffice.

Add ‘Guest Characters’?

While they’re at it, they might as well add in a hilarious character (and swing) like Charles Barkley into the mix as well! But, however it’s done, adding in a handful of celebrities/non-golf athletes to be as playable characters would undoubtedly drum up additional hype on social media, and bring in those non-golf fans to succumb to their urges and buy this game. Can you imagine the gameplay videos and screenshots of Tom Brady in a golf video game? It would be a goldmine of free content and chatter around it for 2K.

I almost regret suggesting this. Just because my Twitter and Instagram timelines would be clogged up for about 2 weeks straight of golfer Tom Brady content. Regardless of what happens to my timeline, I’m willing to sacrifice it. This is worth it.   

While I’m not a video game designer by any means, it really can’t be that difficult to do this. As long as they acquire any and all necessary rights from TB12 and Peyton, it seems well within reach. This could be an absolute GAME-CHANGER for the hyped-up return of video game PGA golf. It might be the golf-equivalent of Tony Hawk Pro-Skater’s playable celebrities/fictional characters!

THPS: 10 Best Guest Characters In The Franchise | TheGamer

The fictional route might be an even more enticing route to explore. The possibilities really are endless. They could go all out and make Happy Gilmore and Shooter McGavin unlockable! I’m practically sweating in excitement at the mere thought.

Happy Gilmore Vs. Shooter McGavin: Remembering Golf's Most Epic ...

Perhaps they could add in some reaction animations/celebrations akin to Madden TD dances (maybe even a pant splitting animation).

In Closing…

Please, 2K Sports, hear my ideas, make it happen, and then take my money! I won’t even ask for a cut of the profits (but if you’re offering, my venmo is public…). Either way, for my own peace of mind, I need this game to be incredible!

-Mike Gilligan (@BigGilli, and @SmallStateTakes Podcast) – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/small-state-big-takes/id1432138166

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Featured image courtesy of: Getty/Mike Ehrmann/The Match


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