OBJ To New England?

It has been quite a week transitioning from week 9 to 10 in the NFL. Over the weekend, the Cleveland Browns officially released their star WR, Odell Beckham Jr. So, as you can imagine, the rumor mill has been red hot since the announcement on Friday.

In addition to the announcement, fans across the league are wondering, where is he off to next? While there are several landing spots, one of the most rumored appears to be none other than the New England Patriots. So, could it be OBJ to New England time? Let’s find out!

What If OBJ Joins New England?

OBJ to the Pats? Thoughts? : Patriots

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Tell me that if you are a New England fan looking at that photo, it doesn’t excite you one bit! If you did, I think you’d be fooling yourself to thinking that but will respect everyone’s opinions on the matter.

After the news broke out, I personally found myself in the middle the more I thought of it because of two things. One, could he be a massive locker-room distraction that could ruin whatever Belichick and company are working on for this season? The second thing that came to mind, can New England afford getting OBJ?

One thing that got me kind of excited however is the thought that if OBJ joined New England, he would be joining on a week where he would be facing his former team in what could be the most revengeful game of his lifetime. The other thought that makes me think he could join New England is the simple fact that he could see more usage out here. However, if OBJ To New England became a realization, my main worry would remain in regards to his character in the locker room.

Yes, I am fully aware that Bill Belichick can work on controlling that. However, is that really where our coach needs to put his focus on? I am not entirely sure.

Is There Space For Him To Join?

After a few roster moves made by coach Belichick, the New England fanbase seems to think it is most likely to make room for one more and that being OBJ.

Now, the Patriots can potentially land him. After all, it is up to Odell Beckham Jr. to decide what team he wants to go to once 4PM EST hits. While The Patriots will be put in a situation where they will need to shuffle some cap-figures, it is in their history to make moves like these. Let’s not forget moves like Randy Moss, Josh Gordon and Antonio Brown. If the Patriots see the need to make a big-name splash in the market and give Mac an additional weapon, Bill will certainly make it happen by all means necessary.

Final Thoughts…

While the ideal of having a wide-receiver like Odell would be fantastic for this offense, one has to think if the fit makes sense.

Personally, I think Mac is in a nice trajectory and the passing game could see some improvements with Odell added to the team. However, one thing needs to be realized here and as a fan, one has to be realistic about. Odell is used to being around people reminding him of what he was five years ago and if he expects that out Belichick or Josh McDaniels, the dude is in for a very rude awakening.

Secondly, Odell’s stats this year don’t really help his case. 40 catches to his name in 13 games since the start of last season? Yikers! So there’s two things to look at, for the Patriots, Beckham may represent a nice little upgrade at the position. For Odell, if the Patriots is where he decides to go to, he’s got to think of this as being his last opportunity and seriously consider proving everyone wrong.

All I know is, we will surely find out where he’s off to next. My thoughts are that he could become a member of the New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons, or Seattle Seahawks. Other considerable teams would be the Raiders, Packers and Colts.

Is it 4PM Yet?

(Featured Image credit to Youtube.com/AllThingsPatriots)

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