Ranking the Uniforms of Boston Sports

Ranking the uniforms of Boston sports is never easy. But, I don’t shy away from the fact that I will pick my basketball team based on if I like their uniforms or not. Unless the Celtics are playing, if I deem a jersey pleasing to the eye, I root for them to win. (If you saw me in DC in June wearing Sixers stuff, mind ya business) So, I’ve decided to rank the uniforms from the New England area from best to worst.

  • New England Patriots

Jason McCourty says goodbye to New England: 'It will always be a special  place for myself and my family' - The Boston Globe

Coming in the top spot, not so coincidentally, the New England Patriots reign supreme. The red, white, and blue color scheme is very overused in sports, however, given the team name Patriots, it’s fitting. 

  • Boston Bruins/Boston Pride

Bruins partnership with NWHL's Boston Pride a big stride forward – Boston  Herald

I know that the song Black and Yellow by Wiz Khalifa has been dubbed by the Pittsburgh Steelers but I choose to ignore that. The better black and yellow (gold) teams are none other than the Boston Bruins and Boston Pride. The color combination is always clean looking. Even in Pittsburgh with the Penguins or Steelers and Vegas with the Golden Knights.

  • New England Revolution

New England Revolution unveil new crest and brand identity for 2022 and  beyond | New England Revolution

The Revs had a legendary uniform for decades. However, they just announced a redesign and I’m not the biggest fan. I know that it’s an unpopular opinion, I can’t help but think of a local fire department when I look at the updated logo.

  • Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox jersey and uniform history through the years

The Boston Red Sox take home the bronze medal in these rankings. Their uniforms are crisp and clean. Particularly the uniforms they wore in 2013 right after the Marathon Bombing. Their jersey’s just said Boston as opposed to the normal Red Sox. Unpopular opinion: I love the city connect jerseys. I know they’re kind of ugly but I’m a sucker for a hometown connection like that jersey has to the city of Boston.

  • Boston Celtics

Celtics Jerseys Will Now Feature Vistaprint Logo Instead Of GE Patch – CBS  Boston

No offense to the Celtics for being ranked so low. I’m, honestly, just not a big fan of the color green. I like their jerseys, they’re crisp and clean. I just think they’d look awful on me if I were to purchase one. I’m also not a fan of the tank top. I know it’s basketball so that’s kind of a must but jerseys should at least be tee-shirt length

In Conclusion

This ranking should really come as a shock to literally no one. I basically just ranked my favorite team’s in order. The only difference is that I’d swap the Revolution and the Red Sox if this were in order of favorite teams. I really like red, white, and blue jerseys. If there were any jerseys in the New England market with a nice crisp powder blue (lookin’ at you LA) I’d rank that at number 1, easy. So, that’s me ranking the uniforms of Boston sports.

-Jess Donahue (@jldx392)

Images from: nbcsports.com, bostonglobe.com, bostonherald.com, revolutionsoccer.net, bosoxinjection.com, boston.cbslocal.com

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