NFL Week 7 Power Rankings: Who Wants The AFC?

We are through 6 weeks of NFL Power Rankings and boy has it been wild. The biggest question that has come to fruition is, who wants the AFC? It appears even when there seems to be a clear front-runner for the AFC, they end up losing the next week and just jumbles everything up again.

Now, before we dive into Week 7 of the NFL Power Rankings make sure you check out last weeks!!

With that now out of the way, let’s see this week’s NFL Power Rankings!!

32. Houston Texans 1-5 (Last Week- 31)

After winning in week one the Houston Texans find themselves in the midst of a five-game losing streak. It is just a brutal scene right now in Houston, and they have a long rebuild ahead of them.

31. Detroit Lions 0-6 (Last Week- 30)

Another week, another tough loss for the winless Lions. A team still trying to find their identity. It will not be easy next week when they face the Rams. You could call it a Goff revenge game, but let’s be honest. It is more of a Stafford homecoming

30. Miami Dolphins 1-5 (Last Week – 27)

Miami is in a downward spiral. They had a good bounce-back matchup in Week 6, facing the winless Jaguars in London. They even got Tua back. It was all for not though, as the Dolphins lose their fifth in a row.

The season is about ready to be put up as a lost one, and coach Brian Flores is placing the blame on himself for this downfall. “Not playing consistently enough. Not coaching well enough. Not playing well enough. … Consistent ball — first half, a little bit in the second half, but we’re just not putting it together. That starts with me.”

29. Jacksonville Jaguars- 1-5 (Last Week- 32)

20 games later and a trip to London and the team is finally in the win column, the first of Urban Meyers and Trevor Lawrence. It was a much-needed win for a struggling team. They can now head into the Bye week with a sigh of relief knowing they have finally clinched a win.

28. New York Giants 1-5 (Last Week- 28)

They played the Rams, they had to play almost perfect, and they did not, with the mounting injuries and Daniel jones throwing three picks, the Giants never really had a chance in this one.

27. New York Jets-1-4 (Last Week- 29)

–BYE WEEK– at Patriots on Sunday at 1pm

26. Atlanta Falcons 2-3 (Last Week- 26)

–BYE WEEK– at Miami on Sunday at 1pm

25. Philadelphia Eagles 2-4 (Last Week- 25)

Jalen Hurts has looked good through 6 weeks of the season, although this past Thursday he struggled against the Buccaneers defense, a front 7 who was able to take away the run completely and turn Philly into a 1 dimensional team.

They will be in Las Vegas this week to face the Raiders

24. Indianapolis Colts 2-4 (Last Week- 24)

Indy destroyed the Texans last Sunday and looked good doing it. Carson Wentz and Jonathan Taylor had monster games for the Colts and now they have 2 wins heading into a tough Week 7 matchup on Sunday night against San Francisco.

Beating the Texans does not give you much, so no movement this week for the Colts in Week 7 of the NFL Power Rankings.

23. Chicago Bears 3-3 (Last Week- 22)

Offensively it was not enough to keep up with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Bears are getting there, but they are certainly not there quite yet and Aaron Rodgers does in fact still own Chicago. The bright side was Rookie RB, Khalil Herbert who carried a heavy workload with Montgomery and Williams both out.

It does not get any easier for the Bears as they face a very tough task against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

22. New England Patriots 2-4 (Last Week- 21)

If you want the full recap for the Patriots loss against the Cowboys, click on over here.

The Patriots gave the Cowboys a fight and it had to be decided in overtime. New England offensively looked great, defensively they struggled this week to contain a red hot Dak Prescott and the Cowboys offense.

They will look to bounce back against the Jets in Week 7.

21. Pittsburgh Steelers 3-3 (Last Week – 23)

TJ Watt is a monster, the man single handily carried the Steelers to a Sunday night win over the Seattle Seahawks. He earned his money in that one game alone.

All in all the Steelers got a big win over a Russ-less Seahawks team, the Steelers can now breathe a sigh of relief heading into the Bye week with a 500 record.

20.Washington Football Team 2-4 (Last Week – 18)

It was a great start for WFT, they picked Mahomes off and then forced a fumble leading the offense to a lead. It was in the second half when the wheels fell off and the Chiefs stormed back in a beat down win. Washington is going the complete opposite direction than where they should be.

They will head to Lambeau and face a tough test against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

19. Denver Broncos 3-3 (Last Week – 19)

A 3-0 start has turned into three straight losses for Denver. This time in the hands of Las Vegas. It was simply a butt kicking by the Raiders. The offense has stalled out and defense can’t hold their own. Meanwhile, Von Miller is tweeting out he is going to destroy whatever tackle the Browns put on him. YEESH.

The Broncos head into a short week with a lot of questions before facing the Cleveland Browns on Thursday.

18. Seattle Seahawks 2-4 (Last Week – 15)

Geno Smith made his first start in over 4 years, and, well, it went as expected. Smith fumbled in in overtime thanks to a sack by TJ Watt to give the game to the Steelers. If the Seahawks want any chance to win while Russ is healing, then they need to figure something out quick.

They will face the Saints on Monday night in Seattle.

17. Minnesota Vikings 3-3 (Last Week- 20)

The team blew another lead, but was able to hold on and get an overtime win against the Carolina Panthers. Sitting at 3-3 the Vikings are a very confusing team to fans. Can they win big games? Yes, but they can also lose games they should be able to blow out of the water.

The fact to the matter is, they are winning, and that is all that matters. They now head into the Bye week at 3-3.

16. New Orleans Saints 4-2 (Last Week- 17)

–BYE WEEK– at Seattle on Monday Night Football

15. Carolina Panthers 3-3 (Last Week – 12)

The wheels have fallen off for the Panthers, they lost superstar RB, Christian McCaffrey to the IR, the defense is letting up scores left and right, and now QB, Sam Darnold is in a downward spiral.

The best way to remedy that? by facing and equally injured and equally struggling New York Giants Team on Sunday.

14. San Francisco 49ers 2-3 (Last Week – 14)

–BYE WEEK– vs. Indy on Sunday Night Football

13. Cleveland Browns 3-3 (Last Week – 8)

Sunday was a brutal loss for the Browns, and now they have to deal with an injured Baker Mayfield who has a fully yarn labrum. Tack that on top of adding JOK and Kareem Hunt on the IR, and the Browns are in some deep trouble.

Turnovers have plagued the team this year, and it hasn’t gotten easier. The worst part of this all is they now head into a short week and get set to face the Broncos on Thursday night without Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt and possibly Baker Mayfield on their offense.

12. Tennessee Titans 4-2 (Last Week – 16)

Tennessee got a massive win on Monday Night Football as they took down the Bills on a stopped 4th and 1. Their wins are not pretty, but they are wins. This team is battle tested, and Mike Vrabel will always have them ready to play regardless.


They will face the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday in what should be a good game.

11. Cincinnati Bengals 4-2 (Last Week – 13)

The Bengals are a fun team to watch, and they are finally on the upswing and trending in the right direction. Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase are electric and they kept it rolling in week 6 with a win.

Since they are on such a roll it was worthy enough to move them up two spots in the Week 7 NFL Power Rankings.

They will get set to face a very good Ravens team in an AFC North Showdown on Sunday.

10. Kansas City Chiefs 3-3 (Last Week – 10)

Kansas City looked horrible the first half of last Sunday against Washington, three turnovers in the first half. Although they were able to bounce back and get the win, there are still a lot of unknowns on this years Kansas City team.

A lot could be answered Sunday when they play the Tennessee Titans

9. Los Angeles Chargers 4-2 (Last Week – 6)

In what was supposed to be the showdown of the week, turned into the beatdown of the week as the Chargers could not get anything going at all against a stingy Ravens team.

It was a humbling loss to say the least, and maybe it was something they needed after absolutely dominating the first 5 weeks, the good news is they get a chance to take a breather as they go on Bye in Week 7.

8. Las Vegas Raiders 4-2 (Last Week – 11)

After what was a week of living hell for the Raiders the team answered in best way possible, and that was by taking down the Denver Broncos to move to 4-2 on the season. That would be enough to move them up 3 spots in Week 7 of the NFL Power Rankings.

All phases of the game were clicking for the Raiders and they hope to keep it rolling in Week 7 against the Eagles.

7. Green Bay Packers 5-1 (Last Week – 9)

Another week, another Green Bay win, they just keep on rolling and Aaron Rodgers has all the confidence in the world right now. Like he told the Bears fans on Sunday “I own you” and he showed that as he iced the game on a touchdown run.

They will have an interesting opponent this week as they host Washington on Sunday.

 6. Dallas Cowboys 5-1 (Last Week – 7)

Dallas is absolutely on fire right now. Dak Prescott cannot be stopped as he tore through the Patriots Defense in Sundays overtime win.  Meanwhile on the defense, Trevon Diggs extended his interception streak to 7 in six weeks as he returned a Mac Jones interception to the house.

The Bye week came at a perfect time for this team as QB, Dak Prescott rests a strained calf suffered in last weeks game.

5. Baltimore Ravens 5-1 (Last Week -5)

It was an off game for Lamar Jackson and Co. yet they still pounded the Chargers 34-6 on Sunday. Instead the team was carried by running backs, Devonta Freeman, Le’Veon Bell, and Latavius Murray who all found the end zone. Meanwhile, the defense did its thing as they held the potent Chargers offense to 6 points.

They will host Cincinnati in an AFC North Showdown on Sunday.

4. Los Angeles Rams 5-1 (Last Week – 4)

Cooper Kupp stayed red hot against a depleted Giants team, Matt Stafford found him multiple times for 130 yards in their curb stomp win over the Giants.

Matt Stafford will now host his former team in the Detroit Lions on Sunday, which should be… um… interesting.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5-1 (Last Week – 3)

Buccaneers offense stayed hot. Defense held their own. That is all you need to know.

They host the Bears on Sunday.

2. Buffalo Bills 4-2 (Last Week – 1)

Fourth and 1 was the right call for the Bills in their loss on Monday Night in Tennessee. The Bills are still the team to beat in the AFC, but the Ravens have closed the window after Buffalo lost on Monday.

All in all it seems the AFC is up for grabs right now, and no one has wanted to claim it quite yet.

Buffalo gets a Bye in Week 7, then it is back to work for the AFC East leaders.

1. Arizona Cardinals 6-0 (Last Week – 2)

Once again, the top of the NFL Power Rankings chain is the Arizona Cardinals. Even without head coach Kliff Kingsbury the Arizona Cardinals absolutely showed why they are the team in the NFL to beat. They made Cleveland’s defense look absolutely silly.

They have a chance to do it again this week as they face a horrid Houston Texans team in Week 7.

Wrapping up the Week 7 NFL Power Rankings

Another wild week is in the books and we witnessed a lot of movement in this weeks NFL Power Rankings. Will it be the same next week?

Stay tuned Wednesdays each week as I will give my full NFL Power Rankings as the season progresses!

Photo Courtesy of NBC Sports

-Jeff Hoak (@jeffhoak1)

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