NFL Week 6 Power Rankings: Does the AFC Run Through Buffalo?

We are through 5 weeks of NFL Power Rankings and boy has it been wild. The flocculation of teams so far this year has been mind boggling.

Now, before we dive into Week 6 of the NFL Power Rankings make sure you check out last weeks!!

With that now out of the way, let’s see this week’s NFL Power Rankings!!

32. Jacksonville Jaguars- 0-5 (Last Week- 32)

Make it 20 straight losses for the Jaguars. What started out as a battle with the Tennessee Titans turned into a blow out loss after some weird calls from Urban Meyer.

They have a little bit of an easier matchup this week and could get their first win against the Miami Dolphins in London.

31. Houston Texans 1-4 (Last Week- 31)

Houston was so close, but a blocked punt off a Houston players helmet shifted momentum towards New England and thus, Houston is now 1-4.

They will face Division Rival, Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.

30. Detroit Lions 0-5 (Last Week- 30)

Another week, another heartbreaking loss. This time at the hands of the Minnesota Vikings. After taking the lead in the final 30 seconds, Minnesota stormed back and won it in the final 3 seconds.

This team is so so close, but they just do not have that closer yet.

29. New York Jets-1-4 (Last Week- 29)

The team is showing positives, while Zach Wilson has looked better. The team is slowly getting there.

They go on a BYE week this week before getting back to work in Week 8.

28. New York Giants 1-4 (Last Week- 28)

The Giants lost more than just a game Sunday, they took a plethora of injuries with them. From Saquon to Kenny Golladay and Daniel Jones. Sunday was a major blow to an already struggling season for the G-Men who face the Rams on Sunday.

27. Miami Dolphins 1-4 (Last Week – 27)

WHEELS UP TO LONDON. The Miami Dolphins head to London on a 4 game losing streak wondering what is next. They should be getting Tua back, but honestly, what will that do. They are in a major slump, and the question is, can they get out of it.

26. Atlanta Falcons 2-3 (Last Week- 26)

Atlanta got a win over the Jets in London. Matt Ryan looked good, and Kyle Pitts seemed to have broken his rookie slump. They get a well-deserved BYE this week. Then it is back to work.

25. Philadelphia Eagles 2-3 (Last Week- 25)

A lot of non-moving teams in the week’s NFL Power Rankings. Philly is one of them, although they did get a big win over Carolina, and their defense looked pretty good.

They get a chance to face the defending champs, Tampa Bay Bucs on Thursday Night.

24. Indianapolis Colts 1-4 (Last Week- 22)

Carson Wentz looked like the Carson Wentz of old as he was throwing it around against the Ravens on Monday Night. Sadly though, it resulted in a loss, as the Colts blew a 25-9 lead and fell in overtime to the Ravens. The season is just about lost for Indy, a year off of making the playoffs. This game just dug the hole deeper.

23. Pittsburgh Steelers 2-3 (Last Week – 24)

It was a good win for Pittsburgh this past Sunday. We will call it to progress. Although they did lose JuJu Smith Shuster for the season, all in all, the team is trending in the right direction for now.

They will be able to show off on Sunday night when they face the Seattle Seahawks.

22. Chicago Bears 3-2 (Last Week- 23)

Justin Fields is starting to look comfortable in the Bears’ offense. With a nice win over Las Vegas this past week, they now look ahead to another tough task in division rival Green Bay.

21. New England Patriots 2-3 (Last Week- 21)

It was a bumpy Sunday for the New England Patriots, but all that matters is that they walked out of Houston with a come-from-behind win to move to 2-3.

The offense behind Mac Jones is trending in the right direction as they face a tough test next Sunday when they host the Dallas Cowboys.

20. Minnesota Vikings 2-3 (Last Week- 20)

Minnesota fan’s blood pressure had to be checked after this one, as they won in the final seconds after going down in the final seconds. Sounds wild, I know. Even without Dalvin Cook, the team was able to pull away with the win. Still, a lot of questions to be answered for this team.

19. Denver Broncos 3-2 (Last Week – 16)

It was a bad week for the Broncos who fell to a struggling Steelers team and had trouble finding the red zone. A lot needs to be fixed with this offense, and that starts with the Quarterback.

18. Washington Football Team 2-3 (Last Week – 17)

This one will be quick and short. The defense is a major issue for this team, and this was supposed to be a focal point for this team. Thus far though, they have been a major disappointment

17. New Orleans Saints 3-2 (Last Week- 18)

A confusing team would be an understatement for the 2021 New Orleans Saints. They are also just injury-riddled, nothing a good ole bye week couldn’t help, and that is what they get this week. Hopefully, when they come back there will be reinforcements coming to help.

16. Tennessee Titans 3-2 (Last Week – 19)

Tennessee did what they had to do and took down the Jaguars. They now stand alone at the top of the South at 3-2 while everyone else is 1-4. If that doesn’t tell you who the worst division is, I do not know what will.

15. Seattle Seahawks 2-3 (Last Week – 13)

Seattle took a massive blow last Thursday against the Rams, and I am not talking about the loss. Seahawks lost star QB, Russell Wilson to an injured finger for at least a month. That leaves the door open for Geno Smith, who looks to take over controls until Wilson is healthy.

They go into Sunday night with a showdown against Pittsburgh.

14. San Francisco 49ers 2-3 (Last Week – 14)

The 49ers landed at the bye week at the right time, as Trey Lance and Jimmy GQ are both injured. Coming off a tough loss to Arizona as well. They will look to rest up and bounce back in 2 weeks when they return from break.

13. Cincinnati Bengals 3-2 (Last Week – 15)

It was not a horrible game for the Bengals, actually despite the loss, they moved up two spots in this weeks NFL Power Rankings. They kept pace all day with a hot Packers offense, but just couldn’t get the kick from their rookie kicker. Tough loss, but this team is still in good hands.

12. Carolina Panthers 3-2 (Last Week – 12)

Panthers had a rough week, blowing a lead and losing to the Eagles, it came off of a Sam Darnold 3 INT performance, and because of that, the offense has sputtered for yet another week.

Having Christian McCaffrey possibly comeback next week will be a huge addition when they host the Vikings on Sunday.

11. Las Vegas Raiders 3-2 (Last Week – 10)

Las Vegas has a lot of off field issues that I will not get into at this moment. On the field, the Raiders only put up 9 points in a lack performance leading to a 22-9 loss to the Bears.

Las Vegas has a lot of work to do now with the step down of head coach, Jon Gruden. The interim coach, Rich Bisaccia has to now keep this team calm and on the right track and needs to make sure they do not nosedive into something that cannot be salvageable.

10. Kansas City Chiefs 2-3 (Last Week – 5)

Let’s be honest, Kansas City is not very good right now. The defense was picked apart by Buffalo’s offense. Meanwhile, Mahomes struggled throwing 2 interceptions. Offensively they will be fine. It was a humbling loss to say the least. The Bills are the crop of the AFC, and Kansas City has work to do defensively too get better. Good news for the offense, they play a struggling Washington defense this weekend, so good chance to bounce back.

9. Green Bay Packers 4-1 (Last Week – 9)

Mason Crosby was the saving grace for the Packers this week, nailing a game winning field goal in overtime to top the Bengals. It was yet another signature win for Rodgers and Co. who just keep on rolling after losing their first game of the season. They have finally seemed to have found their offensive groove.

8. Cleveland Browns 3-2 (Last Week – 7)

Cleveland took a tough loss at the hands of the Chargers on Sunday, it was an instant 47-42 shootout game between gunslingers, Baker Mayfield and Justin Herbert. So offensively they are fine.

Defensively, they were lit up for almost 500 total yards. If they can get both going at the same time, offense and defense, then buckle up, cause the Browns will be a force.

7. Dallas Cowboys 4-1 (Last Week – 11)

HOW BOUT DEM BOYS: Okay, I will admit it, the Dallas Cowboys are good, like really good. They demolished their opponents in their 3 game home stretch a whopping 121-69.

The next step is can they keep it up. Can they keep rolling through the NFC and NFC East. These are the questions that need to be answered, but the Dallas Cowboys are in very good hands going into Sunday when they head to Foxboro to face the Patriots.

 6. Los Angeles Chargers 4-1 (Last Week – 6)

Justin Herbert is REALLY REALLY GOOD. The young Chargers team is on a rapid rise, and Justin Herbert has placed himself firmly in the discussion for the MVP. The team put up 26 points in the fourth quarter to cap off the comeback.

Herbert can further cement his MVP run when he faces off against the Baltimore Ravens Sunday Afternoon.

5. Baltimore Ravens 4-1 (Last Week -8)

Lamar Jackson has that clutch gene, and he showed it off in front of a national crowd on Monday Night Football. Jackson led the his team back from a 22-3 deficit behind a 400 plus yard passing game and throwing four touchdowns in a jaw dropping comeback win.

They will be in the middle of what should another fantastic game on Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers.

4. Los Angeles Rams 4-1 (Last Week – 4)

Matthew Stafford found a new weapon in Robert Woods who finally came out of the woodwork and had a massive game against a dormant Seahawks defense.

Woods will look to keep it up for a second straight week when they host an injured New York Giants team.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-1 (Last Week – 2)

A week after the Patriots defense held Tom Brady to no touchdowns, Brady came back against the Dolphins and dropped 5 touchdowns and over 400 yards. (weirdly enough that is the first time he has done that)

Now, Brady is dealing with an injured thumb, and should be good to go for Thursday’s bout with the Eagles. Just something to keep an eye on with a short week for the Bucs.

2. Arizona Cardinals 5-0 (Last Week – 1)

How wild is it that the only undefeated team left is ranked 2nd? I have my reasons as to why they dropped in this weeks NFL Power Rankings, but it has nothing to do with the team itself.

After multiple weeks of the Cardinals offense torching defenses, Kyler and Co. finally had a down week. This week it was up to the defense to shut down Trey Lance and the 49ers and they did, holding them to 10 points and winning 17-10

Arizona is the team to beat right now, and this game proved it by how they can still win hard nosed football even when your juggernaut offense is not on point.

They now get to travel to Cleveland to face the Browns on Sunday afternoon, a game which should be a doozy.

1. Buffalo Bills 4-1 (Last Week – 3)

Week 6 of the NFL Power Rankings bring a new Number 1. That new number 1 is the Buffalo Bills. The Bills made a statement on Sunday Night with a beat down of Kansas City in a rematch of the AFC Championship game last year.

Buffalo has firmly placed themselves as the top dog in the AFC, with lights out offense and dominant defense who will just shut you down.

I can firmly say now (as much as I hate to admit it) that the AFC currently runs through Buffalo, and boy you better watch out when you face them, because if you are not prepared you will be absolutely embarrassed by this juggernaut of a team.

Wrapping up the Week 6 NFL Power Rankings

Another wild week is in the books and we witnessed a lot of movement in this weeks NFL Power Rankings. Will it be the same next week?

Stay tuned Wednesdays each week as I will give my full NFL Power Rankings as the season progresses!

Photo Courtesy of NBC Sports

-Jeff Hoak (@jeffhoak1)

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