3 Ways The Patriots Can Beat The Jets

When coming off a tough loss to a good team in an important game, there’s not much that can make you feel better. There’s no magic remedy to get you back on track or build the confidence back up. However…if there were such a magical thing or serum like that in existence, it’d be called ‘Jets Week’. The Jets are a bad team and they’re coming around again at just the right time. New York comes to Foxboro this Sunday in what should be a “get right” type of game for the home team. Here are 3 ways the Patriots can beat the Jets and get back on track.

Establish The Run

It’s as old a cliché as you can get in the NFL, but I believe it rings true here. The Jets are 13th in rush yards per game (123.4) and tied for 4th for rushing TD’s allowed (7). That’s not to say it’ll be a piece of cake, but there’s definitely a chance to establish the run on Sunday. There’s a reason it’s such a popular phrase around the NFL. When you have a dominant run game, your offensive line gains confidence, you hold the ball for longer and it opens up the pass. Three things that could really help this Patriots offense. Oh, and it’ll hopefully slow down the pass rush so we don’t have to see Mac Jones getting peeled off the field over and over again.

Damien Harris looks to have a clean bill of health so far this week so he should be good to go. And we all saw the same type of flashes from rookie Rhamondre Stevenson that we saw in the preseason in the Cowboys game. Those two in the mix with an OL that’s looking as healthy as it’s been in recent weeks should point towards a big game on the ground.

Keep Mac Upright

This can be said almost every week if we’re being honest. Keeping Mac Jones clean should be the goal of this team moving forward. He’s shown that when he has time, he can play really well. But it’s tough for the kid to do anything when he’s getting hit THIS quickly…

This Jets defense average to slightly above average when it comes to defending the pass or getting to the QB. They’re 16th in QB rating (97.1) and yards per game (249.4, one spot higher than the Patriots now). BUT they’ve allowed the fewest passing TD’s in the league (4) and the 6th lowest completion % (69.2). And when it comes to getting after the QB, they’re right back to mediocrity. The Jets are 16th in sacks (13) and 18th in pressures (57). All that being said though, if you can protect Mac and get things going on the ground, you should be able to have success through the air as the game wears on.

Stop. The. Turnovers.

This one is simple. Stop turning the ball over. Whether it be fumbles, interceptions or blocked punts, the Patriots have been very un-Patriot like in the TO margin this year. It doesn’t matter who you play in this league, if you turn the ball over, you’re probably going to lose. And while the Jets are still the Jets, you don’t need to be giving them any extra chances. Divisional games are always tougher than usual and turning it over will just make it worse. For what it’s worth, the Jets are in the bottom of the league when it comes to takeaways (28th w/ 4) and have intercepted the ball a total of 0 times. So Mac should be able to…”cook”…if given time.

Listen, at the end of the day, this is still the Jets we’re talking about here. One of only 3 teams to average under 200 yards passing per game, second to last in rush yards per game, last in completion percentage and QB rating, leading the league in INT’s and second to last in passing TD’s. This should not be a difficult game. Like I mentioned, this should be a game where you gain some confidence going into a rough three game stretch where you play the Chargers, Panthers and Browns. So take care of one of the worst teams in the league and get ready for what’s to come.

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