Patriots Week 5 Recap: Team Rides Second Half Comeback for Win

The New England Patriots looked to move to 2-3 after Week 4’s heartbreak to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In Week 5 they would face what everyone thought was a struggling Texans team.

It was a roller coaster of a day for the New England Patriots as they edged out Houston in the final seconds of the game 25-22.

Now, it was not pretty by any means for the team, but, a win is a win and you will take a 2-3 record over a 1-4 record, there is a lot to work on though because it was an ugly first half.

Let’s break down the Week 5 win by the phases of the game.

How did the Offense Perform in Week 5?

All in all, it appeared the offense was the best aspect of the Week 5 come-from-behind win. Other than a few questionable calls from time to time by Josh McDaniels, the offense seemed to flow smoothly behind a makeshift offensive line.

That was the biggest question coming in, with 4 out of 5 O-Line starters inactive, how would Mac Jones handle the reigns.

Well, Mac Jones in fact handled it well, and the O-Line actually held up well, allowing only one sack to the rookie QB. Jones himself went 23 for 30 with 231 yards, 1 touchdown, and 1 interception. He looked calm and composed under center and was able to get the job done when they needed him the most.

Hunter Henry actually was the leading receiver with 75 yards and a touchdown on the day. It was a success overall for the offense coming off a good performance in Week 4.

How did the Defense Perform in Week 5?

It was a very very dicey first half for New England’s defense in Week 5. It was a sketchy first half overall, but the defense was able to hold strong in the second half.

Once again, the defense was led by no other than Matthew Judon. Judon tallied two more sacks bringing his total for the season up to 5.5.

The biggest defensive play was by no other than an old friend, Jamie Collins, who had a massive sack late in the 4th quarter.

The main issue with the defense yesterday was the secondary, a secondary that was absolutely TORCHED in the first half. Especially for JC Jackson who let up a couple of long touchdowns. He was able to recover though in the second half as well.

It was a bumpy ride to the finish line, but the defense was able to hold strong in the end and pull off a come-from-behind win.

How did the Special Teams Perform in Week 5?

Special Teams came through HUGE in the second half, blocking a punt and shifting the momentum back to New England. The few times they had to be on the field in Week 5, they made it count, and came to play when they were needed the most.

Wrapping Up Patriots Week 5 Win.

I will always say a win is a win, no matter how ugly it could be. This was in fact an ugly win, but, they survived, and with some second-half adjustments, was able to overcome an absolutely brutal first half.

It does not get any easier next week, as the Dallas Cowboys ride into town next Sunday Afternoon.

It will be a test for sure, but the way the offense has played, and how composed Mac Jones looks, I will not count them out quite yet.

Featured Image: Patriots.com

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