Boston Red Sox Keep Dancing On Their Own!

The MLB Playoffs are well underway and the Boston Red Sox keep dancing on their own!

Let’s talk about some of the moments where fans have questioned if “Red Sox should even be here” as well as many of the doubts brought up on a team that has proven they know to never back down.

“Stillettos and Broken Bottles”

Freak injury has Red Sox star iffy for Wild Card Game showdown vs. Yankees - nj.com

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It’s been a wild ride with the Red Sox during these playoff series. However, let’s back up a little bit as the season in itself has been a challenge.

At the start of the season, the Red Sox dealt with getting swept at opening stages of the season. Many questions came to surface about this team but as the season progressed, the Red Sox were red hot and at one point were the best team in the AL East up until the transfer window.

At time of transfer window, many more doubters came to surface as well. The Boston Red Sox and its front office were heavily questioned. Fans were skeptical as it seemed that more moves needed to be made, especially as there was a major slump hit during the season. Which in case, made the Red Sox fall behind the Yankees in the standings during the season.

Now, let’s speed forward to the postseason.

“I’m in the Corner, Watching you Kiss Her”

Red Sox vs. Yankees lineup: In favor of ritual humiliation? Us too - Over the Monster

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Just as the hopes of a playoff season for the Boston Red Sox started to fade into darkness and felt like the song goes “I’m over here watching you kiss her”, this team led by Alex Cora and company managed a way to fight like hell and get a 163rd game on the schedule.

For a moment, it sure felt like “Watching you kiss her” for Boston fans. The Yankees were feeling red hot after a good transfer window, and it seemed like they wouldn’t slow down.

However, a wild card game against the Yankees would feel as if it was written in the stars. The Wild Card game comes home as the sox managed to get things to go their way, bringing the Yankees to Fenway Park to go against each other in an elimination game. An impressive showing against the Washington Nationals for the Red Sox, would force a 163rd game at Fenway.

Boston took care of things! They managed to shutdown Gerritt Cole early in the game. Additionally, keeping the bats hot and being confident behind a nasty Nathan Eovaldi who pitched a game like if it was his last. All of this amounted to an incredible ALDS series bringing the most feared AL East team upon us. Yes, facing off against a very good and youthful Tampa Bay Rays team.

However, even that series as well felt like a cinderella story. The Red Sox managed to pull a victory away at the Tropicana field to bring it home and finish it in style. Game four of that series revolved around several players including Raffy Time Devers who was essential in the win that would bring this club to an ALCS opportunity against Houston, which we will talk about next.

“So far Away But Still So Near”

Here's The Red Sox-Astros Schedule For The ALCS – CBS Boston

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So while it feels “So far away but still so near”, let’s talk about some of the key factors that will help this Red Sox team go deeper in this playoff series.

Going up against Houston is never easy. Aside of the many cheating scandals involved with both organizations, there is a lot of talent in both of these teams. One thing we know for sure is, when it comes to Houston and Boston facing off, Houston we got a problem!

For Boston, it is important to keep an eye on the status of Lance McCullers Jr. More than likely, he will probably be a factor in this series which I will say, will be a very close one. However, if McCullers is not a factor, this will give the Red Sox a little bit of a breathing room in this series.

In addition to the situation with McCullers, the Red Sox have got to keep those bats running hot. Players like Schwarber, Devers, and Martinez will be essential. Nevertheless, so will Kike and so will Bogaerts.

Lastly, while the pitching for the Red Sox and its bullpen will also play a major role. Another factor that will be key here is Cora keeping that “Do your Job” mentality happening in that locker room. When Boston is focused on a sole purposes, there is nothing more dangerous than them at this game.

All in all, this will be a very close series that will likely force a game 6 in my opinion. However for now, “the lights come on, the music dies” Bring on Houston and let’s go Red Sox!

In Closing…

I will just leave this here, enjoy!

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