MLB 2020 Free Agents: Where Will They Land?

Every offseason teams scramble to find their needs in free agency. This year it will be a little different. With many teams losing money because of the COVID-19 shorten season there might not be as much spending. That does not mean players will not get big contracts. It just means some players will not get what they would have gotten if COVID never happened. I will talk about a few free agents and where I see them going.

Other news around the MLB; Alex Cora was hired by the Boston Red Sox and Steve Cohen bought the Mets. Both of these are huge stories in the baseball world. If you want to read about these you can read Al’s article on Cora here and Pete’s article on Cohen here.

J.T. Realmuto

J.T. Realmuto is the best catcher and maybe the best bat out there to sign this year. He has been one of the top defensive catchers for a long time. Also he is a 2 time All-Star to go along with 2 Sliver Sluggers. I believe Realmuto will end up signing a 7 year $200 million deal with the Mets. Steve Cohen will go out and spend to make the Mets better. This will be his first of many big signings with the Mets. The Phillies will not go out and spend the money to keep Realmuto.

A J.T. Realmuto Extension Analysis - The Good Phight

Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer will win the 2020 National League CY Young Award. This will drive his price up a whole lot. Whatever team is willing to sign Bauer will have to put up with his media company. But, he will be worth bringing in to an organization. From everything I have heard is Bauer is a great teammate. He is a leader on and off the field. Bauer will sign a 4 year $120 million deal with the Padres. There will be opt-outs after both years 2 and 3. Bauer has always said he wants to sign 1 year deals, but he wants to win a ring. The Padres are the young up and coming team that will be good for a long time. Also, Mike Clevinger is there and they were teammates in Cleveland.

Trevor Bauer, J.T. Realmuto among six players to receive qualifying offers - Talking Chop

George Springer

George Springer is an interesting one for me. I can see him getting a lot of money, but also not many teams wanting him. Who knows what Springer will be like away from the Astros. He was one of the players many people believe benefited from the cheating. Springer could be a very good player once he gets a fresh start. Springer will land a 4 year $100 million deal with the Blue Jays. Another team that is young and up and coming. They are a piece or two away from really competing in a loaded AL East. This is one bat that could put that offense over the top. I think the Blue Jays are getting into win now mode. I like this move a lot.

Smith: George Springer's devotion to Astros should be rewarded - HoustonChronicle.com

DJ LeMahieu

DJ LeMahieu was the first player to win a batting title in both the AL and NL. Even though batting average is not looked at the same way. That is a huge accomplishment. LeMahieu will be a huge addition to any lineup. Also his versatility to play any infield position is a major help. LeMahieu will stay in the AL East, but go to the Red Sox on a 4 year $90 million deal. The Red Sox want to get back to being good quick. This is one move I see helping them out a lot.

MLB rumors: Yankees' key obstacles in DJ LeMahieu reunion - nj.com

Marcell Ozuna

The season Marcell Ozuna had in 2020 is something everyone loves to see. Ozuna sign a 1 year deal with the Braves to prove what he had. He only went out and lead the National League in homeruns while batting .338 with a 1.067 OPS. That is how a player gets himself PAID! Ozuna worked his way into a 5 year $130 million deal with the Red Sox. Like I said about LeMahieu the Red Sox want to win now. This gives them another huge bat in that lineup.

St. Louis Cardinals: Marcell Ozuna isn't making many friends in ATL

Marcus Stroman

This will be the biggest steal of the offseason if you ask me. Marcus Stroman has always been a pitcher that wants to prove everyone wrong. A lot of teams will pass up on him and that will only fuel the fire. Stroman will head out west to the Angels and become one of the better pitchers in the staff. He will get a 4 year $88 million deal. Stroman will help make the Angels a better team and hopefully make the playoffs.

Numbers suggest Marcus Stroman can be legitimate No. 2 man for Mets | amNewYork

Wrap Up

Those are only 6 of the many free agents out there for teams to sign. A good article to read is MLB Trade Rumors top 50 free agents and predictions. You can see where they have a lot of players going. As always you can find me on Legends Lingo talking all Boston sports.

-Tom “Powder” Cadmus (@powder42308)

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