WOW, did that title feel good to type out! No, that isn’t a typo either. The Boston Red Sox gave Boston sports fans something to be happy about in 2020. I wrote last week about how it seemed like the stars were aligning for an Alex Cora return to Boston. This was exactly one week ago today. Well today…it happened!

The Boston Red Sox officially (re)named Alex Cora as their manager. Cora returns after a one year suspension following his involvement with the Houston Astros cheating scandal. So now that it’s officially official, let’s look at the reasons why Cora was the right man for the job all along.

Managerial Experience

Listen, I get the expression “You can’t gain experience if nobody gives it to you.” I understand. But let’s think about this for a second. The other four candidates had ZERO managerial experience. Cora has managed once before. Plus, keep this in mind for a second. If Cora didn’t get rehired, the Red Sox would have been hiring their third manager in three years and fourth in the last five years. Seriously, that’s way too much turnover. The experience won out here.

The Overwhelming Support

The players love Alex Cora. Ownership loves Alex Cora. Most of Boston loves Alex Cora. Cora had the support of basically everyone. It’s hard to beat that if you’re anyone else. Especially with these other guys that only have bench coach experience. And yes, I’m aware Cora was hired the first time after only being a bench coach. But there’s something else you have to consider here.

Cora Played AND Coached in Boston

With Cora playing in Boston from 2005-2008, and coaching from 2018-2019, it served as an ultimate advantage. Cora just gets it with Boston. He knows how to deal with the pressures of being in Boston. You can’t help but admire and respect that about the man. Anytime a player has a tie to an organization like that, it only helps. In this case, it helped Cora immensely.

In Conclusion

I’m excited for the reunion. In fact, I was so excited that I basically screamed at work (sorry Liz MacDavitt that it was during your spelling test!), but I don’t care! Having Alex Cora back at the helm merits that type of response. I get the feeling now that Cora is back as manager, only good things will come for this team. Cue the music!

Let’s pop some gold bottles!

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Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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