Massive Management Changes At Top European Soccer Teams!

As most of the European soccer tournaments come to a conclusion, it appears some cages have been rattled. The world of soccer has some major news developing today thus far.

So, without further ado, let’s get right into the action!

Real Madrid – Zidane is OUT!

On May 16th this year, I reported about Zinedine Zidane stating that he would be out of Real Madrid once the season ended. What many thought would come in the way of a sacking by Florentino Perez, actually came thru in the way that he was dead serious about it!

Yesterday, while many were focused on what the Europa League Final between Manchester United and Villareal, the definite shell-shock of news were dropped. Zidane who was unhappy finishing in 2nd place this season to Atletico, was showing signs he would leave for the 2nd time even before his announcement. The interesting part of the story all comes together as fans have voiced their anger with the French coach.

As a Real Madrid fan, I have been vocal as well to the drop of form from many of the team members. Nevertheless, have a I voiced my opinions on the bust-move that it has been ever since signing Eden Hazard. Now the list of rumored managers to replace him has narrowed down especially as more news have broke out this morning!

Ready for it…

Juventus – Andrea Pirlo SACKED!

Do I have your attention yet?

Yes, you are reading that correctly. The Italian legend, Andrea Pirlo has been sacked from Juventus FC following a weak performance with the club.

A lot of us were speculating that Allegri would take Real Madrid’s job Opening. However, the Italian boss has seemingly demonstrated a hunger to return to coaching the beautiful game and as Madrid took their sweet time in putting an offer, Allegri wasted no time in taking in Juventus’ job opening. Now, the main question is, will Allegri be able to turn Juventus around?

For Allegri, the Juventus job represents a second opportunity to chase glory with the club. Allegri would need to address the desperate needs for a moral boost at the camp. Additionally, he would need to bring weapons for their offensive core. I am happy for Allegri and wish him the best of luck.

PSG – Pochettino Say What?!

“Save the best for last”. If you thought today was getting lukewarm, things are now boiling hot!

During the January transfer window, the world of soccer got huge transfer news as Pochettino took on PSG’s job replacing Thomas Tuchel. However, now there are more soccer transfer news developing! The Pochettino demand throughout the world of football has been bonkers the past 4-5 years and even more so now. With Real Madrid now in the hunt for a new boss, and Tottenham as well, Pochettino is once again in the middle of it all.

The question remains, will he actually leave PSG though? The Argentine boss managed to win his first trophy in managerial career with PSG earlier in the season, and took PSG into the deep stages in the UEFA Champions League. However, the club is expected to possibly sell Kylian Mbappe and a few other pieces. Could that be the reason that Pochettino would leave or is it upper management issues? Who knows all together but certainly worth keeping up on the story line.

I personally would love to see Pochettino go to Real Madrid and truly have an opportunity to rebuild a club again. Thinking of Tottenham and returning there, while worth the effort, the damage to his career after he was let go from the club was severe and am not sure he should return.

Closing Remarks…

The 2021-2022 offseason will be busy, especially as soccer transfer news develop in the summer. Surely, some of the top names to follow aside of these managers will be people like Mbappe and Haaland. Additionally some of the other hot names for the market will be the likes of Dybala, Kane, De Gea, Donnarumma, and many others!

For more soccer transfer news this offseason, make sure to follow the Yellow Card Podcast presented by Couch Guy Sports!

Lastly, to sort of calm the storm, we can report that Pep Guardiola will NOT be looking to leave the club this year, per Fabrizio Romano.

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter). 

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