ZIDANE IS OUT: Who Will Replace Him At Real Madrid?

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Weekend News: Zidane OUT!

I have been holding my excitement to write this article for a bit. Remember back around December, I wrote a piece about how Zidane should be sacked or let go? Well, looks like Zidane might’ve read my mind just a tad bit later though.

Zidane hit Florentino Perez with a bucket of cold water after he spoke to the players letting them know, he would be leaving the club after the end of this season. For some of the players, this was just a matter of time. For others, the news were a bit shocking but expected.

Frankly, this years’ Real Madrid version was a bit concerning and lacked of strong fire power. While some may disagree especially after their deep run in the Champions League and now being 2nd in La Liga in front of Barcelona. I personally think this was just all a bit of luck and circumstantial play. If we look at the players Zizou has brought in, we can start with Eden Hazard who’s been literally the biggest bust signing in Real Madrid history continued to be a devastating blow to the manager who risked losing so much reliable to get him and in the end, the return on investment has been nothing but mockery.

As we look deeper into the players he has in this club, we can look at people like Sergio Ramos in example. When one of your biggest roles wants out of the club, and desperately, that’s a wake up alarm sounding off. Then, looking deeper at the form drops of Courtois, Marcelo, Isco, and more how do you not become concern with the personnel management? If anything, Zidane did himself a favor before getting sacked.

Who Could Replace Zidane?

Now the main question becomes, who should replace Zidane? I got some candidates I like to share with you! Here they are:

Raul Gonzalez: A Legendary Return to El Bernabeu.

As a Real Madrid fan since 1995, I can personally tell you that if Raul took over, I’d be running thru walls the minute that gets announced. At this day and age, Real Madrid are in a situation where a rebuild is badly needed. Having moved away from talents like James Rodriguez, Morata, and Oodergaard to name a few, leaves Madrid in desperate need for talent.

The worse part of it all is, it doesn’t really help that Florentino Perez was the head leader of the fiasco of the European Super League. So, how do you rekindle a chemistry and bring back the glory days to the Bernabeu? You bring back a legend who breathes everything Madrid are really about.

In his career as a player, Raul was sensational in every sense of the word. At this time, he is now a coach and should this be an opportunity for him to restructure Madrid, it’d be a dream come true.

Additional Candidates for the Job!

Now that I have shared with you who my 1st option would be, allow me to share with you some other names I’d love to see handle the job.

Joachim Low: Ex- Germany Head Coach.

There’s another name! Joachim Low who stepped down as Germany’s national team head coach is available. We all know what he is capable of or do you need a reminder of the super team who put a beating on Brazil at their own home in the World Cup?

Low possess a brilliant mind for the game. Having been a World Cup champion, truly gives him an edge above all others and brings closure to a team that desperately needs true leadership. In my opinion, if Florentino Perez was to make this move, it’d be a wise one for sure!

Massimiliano Allegri: Ex- Juventus Boss.

Reportedly, the Italian boss had a meeting with Florentino Perez recently with Allegri and his name has emerged as the top possibility for the job. Personally, this would be another wise but bold move that Florentino could make.

Allegri possesses and offers a breath of fresh air for a team that needs it and badly! For Allegri, while leadership is instrumental, creativity and passion are everything for him. When I think of a manager needed to revitalize a team, his name is the first one that comes to mind because of the way he ignites players to be creative but passionate about the beautiful game.

We’ve seen a lack of passion in Real Madrid for a bit. Truthfully, Allegri will have his work cut out for him but not out of the realm of possibilities to bring this club back to its powerful self.

Real Madrid in Crisis!

The reality of it all is, Real Madrid right now are facing exactly what Barcelona faced last year. Whoever takes the job has got to know that the work load will be overwhelming and will need a competitive mindset to drive things ahead.

In the summer market, Madrid will have lots to prioritize, all in all good luck to whoever takes over!

Zidane, thanks for the memories.

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ on Twitter).

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