Major League Baseball Season Talks Heat Up! World Baseball Classic Cancelled?

As I said in my article last week, there is a plan to start a Major Baseball season as soon as July. On Monday 5/11, MLB owners approved the proposal by the commissioner. Another major headline in the baseball world is that the World Baseball Classic set for March of 2021 could be cancelled.

MLB Season Proposal

More details of this proposal came out Monday to ESPN. According to that article, the MLB would play an 82 game season with games in home stadiums. Spring Training 2.0 could be in mid-June with no games on the record. Players can get ready for this season this way. Teams could mostly uses buses to get to games. The rosters would expand to 30 players, with taxi players to make the roster up to 50 players. Lastly the playoffs could expand to 14 teams instead of the normal 10.

Proposal Drawbacks

The biggest drawback in the world today is what happens if there is an outbreak of the coronavirus with a team. Will the whole league shut down? Many players have to weight the risks of playing in the games. Also the owners are asking for a 50-50 revenue split. Baseball being the only sport without a cap in America makes this tough. Players approve an agreement to have a salary based on how many games they play. Going with the 50-50 results in another pay cut.

There is still a lot to figure out when it comes to a season for Major League Baseball. But with this proposal getting some steam it looks like the season could be closer than we know it. As I have said all along I am hoping for a season as long as everyone stays healthy.

Major League Baseball Players Association - Wikipedia

World Baseball Classic Could Be Cancelled

The next World Baseball Classic (WBC) is set for March 9th – 23rd of 2021. The United States, Japan, Taiwan are hosting the games. With many countries still having outbreaks of the coronavirus, people are nervous to fly all over the world. This will cause many players and fans to not want to go to the games. According to ESPN the WBC could be postponed until 2023. With the agreement to have Major League Baseball players in it, they will need to discuss it again.

As someone who loves the WBC this is saddening. I fully understand that it might not be safe to travel around the world in March, but it was something I was looking forward to. If you remember all the excitement that came from the 2017 WBC you can see why I was looking forward to it. But people’s safety should be #1.

2021 World Baseball Classic shelved: report

Wrap Up

The MLB owners approve the proposal to have a season starting in early July. There are a lot of things the players have to agree with for this to happen. I do not see the players approving all of it. Also the WBC could cancel soon.

-Tom “Powder” Cadmus (@powder42308)

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