BREAKING NEWS: Could There Be Baseball in June?

According to Jeff Passan’s article, Major League Baseball is about to hand over a proposal to the MLB Players Association. Outlined in it will be starting a “spring” training as early as June 10th. Opening day could be July 1st. Players from over a dozen teams have been told to start ramping up their baseball activities. Teams want the players to be in game shape for the June spring training.

The season has already been delayed 6 weeks because of the coronavirus. So there are still a lot of what ifs and questions that come with MLB trying to start the season. Most players want to have a season where they can play half the games at their home ball parks. They want to be able to spend time with their families. The idea have hosting the season in Arizona was not going to be agreed upon by the players.

Some players are asking what if they do not want to play in 2020. Those players are concerned with both their own health and their family’s health. That is one of the major questions that the MLB faces. Should players be paid for not playing because of a pandemic? In my opinion yes they should. Even though they are not playing they are not missing games just to skip. Players are regular human beings and have their own health issues.

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My Opinion

I hope this works out but I have my doubts. There are still a lot of what ifs. What if a team has an outbreak of the coronavirus? They might need to shut down the whole league if that happens. As I said earlier what if players do not play? What will happen to contracts? I will be watching this closely and providing updates as I see them. I cannot wait until baseball starts, but I want to make sure everyone is healthy.

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