Kyrie Would Dunk All Over “K-Walk”

I Demand Content Kyrie and Kemba!

First of all, Kyrie and Kemba should definitely play each other 1 on 1.

This is the content the people™ need! Thank you for putting this out there Mr. Irving.

Second of all, I do not love this mans Kyrie. At. All.

So you know I’m being honest because I love and have always loved Cardiac Kemba.

A Walking Bucket

Kyrie is has one of the greatest 1 on 1 skill sets we have ever seen in the nba. He scores in a variety of ways. The man will cross  you up and make an acrobatic layup. Kyrie will hit a teardrop right in your face. He will drain a 3 to win the finals. The (to be friendly) mercurial point guard has been able to score in 1 on 1 situations like few guards we have ever seen. Watching some of the shots this guy can make makes you shake your head.

Irving is a uniquely gifted 1 on 1 scorer. However, Kemba is no slouch either.

King Kemba

Third, I love Kemba.

My guy Kemba can score on anyone when he is hot.

Walker, while not at the level of Kyrie, has a killer stepback. Kemba can hit many of the same high difficulty shots as Kyrie. I’d say he is just a tier worse.

However, unlike weirdo Kyrie, Kemba is a FANTASTIC teammate. While you bring up the shot to win the finals for Kyrie, I’ll always have my favorite college basketball highlight from Kemba.

That whole run was magical, by the way. He carried that team to a national championship. What has Kyrie done? He has been a little brother to Lebron.

What Would Happen

Kyrie has just a little length on Kemba, which would matter here. Both are mediocre defensive players at best, so neither really would be able to guard each other very much. I do think that Kyrie would be able to score more easily on Kemba as that first step is just killer. But Kyrie can’t guard Kemba’s step back at all.

Unfortunately, that first step and extra length will allow Kyrie to get to the hoop. Layups are much more effecient than any step back. In the end. Kyrie would have too many of those shots that tickle the twine than Kemba’s step backs. The shooting percentages are similar too. Both players have proven to be historically clutch.

When the dust settled, weirdo Kyrie would win a 1 on 1 but will never ever have my heart like excellent teammate Kemba.

I am sad.

But Harden and Durant would destroy pathetic Kyrie Irving 1 on 1 so I can take solace in that. Try stopping a 7 footer who can also just shoot over you, Uncle Drew.

-Brent Buckley (@bigbucksbuckley on the twitter) 

P.S. Uncle Drew was awesome before it was ruined by Kyrie being himself.

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