Mac Jones Picks Up His First W Over Tom Brady

The NFL is finally back! And in traditional fashion, they released their top selling jersey’s going into this season and to say it shocked some people is an understatement. New England apparently came out in droves to rep for their new leader because rookie Mac Jones has the SECOND HIGHEST jersey sales in the league behind Josh Allen and in front of a certain GOAT. And with that, Mac Jones racks up his first win over Tom Brady.

There’s a few surprises on this list in my eyes, but Jones bypassing Brady in his rookie year means something. No, it doesn’t ‘mean something’ in the sense that Mac is better than Brady or more beloved or anything like that. I’ll leave that blasphemous argument for the Skip and Shannon’s of the world. I think this is important because it shows that Patriots Nation is firmly behind their guy moving forward. And that is vital moving forward in Jones’ career.

This is a crucial vote of confidence for a first year QB who is stepping into the shadow of one of the most beloved players in team history. Yes I know Cam was the QB he’s technically replacing, but let’s be honest, Newton was always a placeholder. Cam rented the house from Brady last offseason,, returned the keys somewhat abruptly and now Jones is looking to permanently buy the property from Brady. No placeholders. No ‘one-and-dones’. He’s looking to officially take the torch from Brady and lead this team out of the Cave of Despair into the promiseland that is The Dynasty 2.0.

Mac Jones slotting in front of Brady will definitely be the headline, but upon further review, props to Josh Allen for landing the #1 spot! I can’t say I’m too surprised though as Bills Mafia is a force. But even still, I had to do a double take there. Enjoy the number 1 spot while it lasts Allen, because when it comes to the standings, you’ll be #2 this season while you watch the runner up in this list win your division.

I have to say I’m surprised about the Mahomes and Fields positioning as well. You’d think with Mahomes coming off a (poor) Super Bowl appearance in 2020 that his sales would get a bump, but I guess not. Maybe everyone who was going to get a jersey already has one. And as for Fields, I equate that to what I said about Mac Jones. Chicage is itching for a good QB to pair with their above average defense. They have been for years. And him being 4th on this list shows he has his fan base behind him. Now if he can only get his coach to get on the same page…

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Mike Sullivan (@msully5433)

(Featured Photo Credit: todorevuelto.com)

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