Let the Mac Jones Era Officially Commence in New England

Here we are, almost a week away from the kickoff to the 2021 New England Patriots Season and the bombshell of the year has already dropped. The move that I am talking about? Well of course that is the move of the team releasing veteran QB, Cam Newton after a year with the team.

The move officially paves way for what is hopefully the future of the team, Michael McCorkle Jones, otherwise known as Mac Jones.

It was on Tuesday, August 31st when Boston Globe writer, Jim McBride dropped an absolute bombshell on the New England fan community.

It was then, Patriots fans realized it was the beginning of a new era, the Mac Jones era.

The Official Beginning of the Mac Jones Era…

This is a big moment in the world of the New England Patriots, it was just a little over a year ago when the franchise Quarterback, Tom Brady left the team in free agency to head south to Tampa Bay.

A little over a year later, we are ushering in what could be the next era of Patriots football, the Mac Jones era.

Now, do not get me wrong, Cam Newton did a fine job for the team in the year that he was playing with the Patriots, he did everything he had to do, his leadership role fit perfectly with the organization, he just was not the next face of the franchise. That would come in the form of the 15th overall draft pick, Mac Jones.

Newton I would say helped push Mac Jones out of his comfort zone to reach the point he is at sooner than we all expected. It was that small detail that I believe helped lead Bill Belichick to do something he rarely does, start a rookie, especially at a position like a Quarterback.

What Should We Expect to See from Mac Jones and the Offense?

I do not want to use the term Brady-like because we aren’t at that point yet. So, I am gonna work my way around that wording.

We can expect a very similar offense to what we have seen in the past. Very pocket passing heavy offense with of course the 2 tight ends set with Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith. Tie it all together with what should be a lethal backfield with Damien Harris, Rhamondre Stephenson, James White, and JJ Taylor.

Obviously, no one knows exactly what the offense will look like, but what most people expect is what it has looked like in past years with a heavy mix of running and passing. Although with the way the Running Backroom is this year, we could be seeing a lot more running than usual.

Final Thoughts…

Mac Jones won the starting job fair and square. It is a rarity that Bill Belichick puts trust into a rookie in such a high demanding position like Quarterback, but obviously, he sees something special in Mac Jones trusting him with the offense in his first year.

Cam isn’t on the team anymore, he did what he had to do and New England fans thank him. As nice as it would have been to have him as the backup, there was just no way it was going to happen. Cam sees himself as a starter and thus he should be able to go out and find another opportunity.

This also alleviates some pressure on Mac Jones, as he will not have to worry about a well-known veteran QB sitting behind him waiting for their moment. This allows Jones to play more freely and not have to look over his shoulder if he happens to have a blunder.

It is going to be a fun year with this team, and honestly, I think with Mac Jones behind center the fans are going to be in for an up and down year. Jones will struggle and have his growing pains in his first year, we just have to go with it.

This kid could be the future of the franchise, and we all need to take it and embrace it, because this moment may have come a lot sooner than we expected.

The Mac Jones era will officially kick off Sunday, September 12th at 4:25 pm against the Dolphins, hopefully, it will be his first of many starts with the New England Patriots

-Jeff Hoak (@Jeffhoak1)

Featured Image: Hartford Courant (Courant.com)

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