LOUDER COLIN: Colin Cowherd Takes Shots At Media For Not Jumping All Over “Laser-Gate” In Kansas City

This is essentially what I said yesterday, but having Colin Cowherd chirp the media for not making this a bigger story helps me validate my stance a bit.

He’s 100% right about this. Could you IMAGINE the media and NFL fanbases’ meltdown if a laser was flashed in the face of Patrick Mahomes at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts? Just like he said, it would be the lead story of literally every blog and news outlet in the Uniter States.

“Here we go! The Cheat-triots are at it again!”

Well, hey guys, can we talk about this please? I may not always agree with what Colin Cowherd has to say, but I’m in the minority when I say that he’s one of my favorite guys in the media. He’s one of the most well spoken and intelligent guys talking sports and it shows.

The point where he mentions the media bias is right on target. Not like it’s a secret or anything, but if it suits an outlets agenda, they’ll run the story. And if a story may hurt their agenda? You better believe that thing is staying under wraps.

The fact that this isn’t being talked about is wild to me. I’m not asking for a full fledge investigation here which the NFL is reportedly doing. All I’m asking is that ESPN and others at least admit the bias.

Cowherd said it best. If this laser was shown on Patrick Mahomes’ face in Foxboro, this would be a major storyline that we’d be talking about right up until, and probably after the Super Bowl.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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