NFL Investigating Green Laser Pointed At Tom Brady During AFC Championship

It has been discovered that a green laser pointer was being pointed at Tom Brady during the Patriots-Chiefs AFC Championship game this past Sunday night. The issue was first noticed by a Kansas City TV station, KMBC, and the clips were tweeted out yesterday by William Joy.

First of all, I am SHOCKED that nobody picked up on this during the actual game. This Championship game was easily one of the highest rated contests of the year, and not one of these cameras picked up on this mid-game?

The NFL is now reportedly looking into the matter and will open up an investigation. But, I’ll be honest here, what the hell are you going to find? If that thing, which was a shape of a damn basketball, was able to reach Tom Brady from the stands, I’m thinking this guy could have been anywhere.

If they nab the guy who did this, throw him into a hole. You do NOT threaten the beautiful retinas of Tom Brady. If that thing got him square in the eye, you’re blinding one of the most perfect human beings to ever walk the face of the earth. If he were a normal guy, or like, I don’t now, Jay Cutler, sure it wouldn’t be cool but the loss wouldn’t be nearly as huge.

Threatening the eye sight of the GOAT is something that people should be studying in law school. I don’t think there necessarily has to be different standards for crimes against certain people, but I mean, if you hurt Tom Brady, the punishment should be a million times worse.

The big thing about this clip though, IMAGINE if this happened at Gillette Stadium? HA! The world would be melting. All business’ and schools in New England would be closed until the investigation was complete. I’m not exaggerating when I say that they’d probably take one of Tom Brady’s kids away as punishment. Can Roger Goodell do that? Yeah, probably.

I hope they grab whoever did this. I doubt they will because again, how in the hell are you going to track this back into the stands? And again, if you can, great. But yikes, man, grow up. I don’t care if you’re a Kansas City Chiefs fan. You’re watching Tom Brady, the greatest to ever do it, compile not one, but TWO game winning drives. Let him work his magic and stay out of the way.

Side note, the AFC Championship game was one of the greatest games I’ve ever watched in my life. I haven’t felt that tense watching a Patriots game since the last time they were in the Super Bowl. Lol.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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