Bless us all, the day has finally come!!!! Drew Pomeranz is no longer a part of the Boston Red Sox. Please confirm this for us all, Ken Rosenthal!

This is the best news of a player leaving Boston that I could remember. Last season was not great for the former (MAN does it feel great to say that!) Red Sox left-handed pitcher. To be honest, he could use a fresh start.

The amazing part of Pomeranz’s career is that he won 17 games in 2017 with a considerably low ERA. He was an All-star in 2016 with the San Diego Padres and when the Red Sox needed starting pitching, they traded Anderson Espinoza for Pomeranz. Espinoza was one of the Red Sox top prospects at the time, so the trade now can basically be considered a loss.

But hey whatever, Pomeranz is gone and we don’t have to watch his insufferable starts anymore. Sure, he had one flash in the pan season. Sure, he was added on the World Series roster and never threw a single pitch. But bottom line is, Pomeranz is no longer a Red Sox.


-Alan Nahigian (BigAl2793)

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