Couch Guy Sports Podcast Episode 74: Colin Kaepernick and Nike

Another week, another massive controversy in sports. This week we had a HELL of a topic that has been dividing the nation since 2016.

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The show was fire with some topics that are making the world go after each other. The biggest one? Colin Kaepernick was made the face of Nike’s newest campaign for their 30th year anniversary. Nick and Jared debate whether or not this was a bad idea for the company and layout where they stand on the divisive topic.

Next, Jared and Nick go into the Tom vs Time epilogue that dropped on us. Brady gives us some more clues on when he’s out of football and what’s been bothering him for these past few years.

And while Tom Brady seems to be set up for another few seasons, what about Le’Veon Bell? We look into what’s going on with the Steelers running back as he could be holding out all the way through week 10.

That and more on this week’s Loose Change Podcast. Make sure you hit up our Couch Guy Sports store for all of our Couch Guy merch. Go ahead and buy a Mookie Betts “It’s Time to Party” shirt too ahead of the postseason.

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