Just Shut Up About Josh McDaniels

That’s it, I’ve had it up to here (Imagine me putting my hand well above my head) with your Josh McDaniels slander.

It feels as though every Sunday, Patriots Twitter’s favorite thing to do is bash Josh McDaniels for his play calling. Look I get it, as an arm chair coach, quarterback whatever it’s easy to criticize things when they don’t work.

You can sit around all day playing Madden and score 45 points running nothing but four verticals, slants and stick n’ nod but that doesn’t make your opinion of Josh McDaniels correct.

I remember watching Super Bowl 51 as the Patriots trailed big at halftime. My main group chat was blowing up about how McDaniels was done. How they were this time officially finished with him. I was the only one to stand up for McDaniels and say hey now wait a minute, give the dude a chance.

As we all know the Patriots stormed back from 28-3, aided by two perfectly called and executed two point conversions.

And what about Super Bowl 53 against the Rams?

The game winning drive was a pure work of genius by McDaniels. And not only that, but it came from taking in information all game long. It was purely adjustment on the fly, drawing new plays in the dirt during the biggest game of the season.

Oh and then he runs Hoss Y Juke using 22 personnel to get favorable matchups. He did it not just once, or twice but three times in a row.

Are you making that call? No of course you’re not stop pretending like you would.

We forget that McDaniels was in control of one of the greatest offenses of all time with Tom Brady, Randy Moss and Wes Welker. And he was a big part of what made that offense so great.

And this year, we all wondered how would Cam Newton fit in the Patriots offense. Never in the 20 years that Brady was at the helm did the opposing defense ever have to worry about the quarterback running the football. Would Newton be able to adapt to the Patriots scheme of throwing the football and their sophisticated route tree?

So far through three weeks we have seen three completely different offenses. Week one against Miami it was read options and using Cam’s running ability.

In week two it was an air raid attack with a new twist at the goal line where Newton was for the most part unstoppable. And I was and still am 110% on board with the final play call. It had been unstoppable all game long, you run that play and if Seattle stopped it like they did then you tip your cap to your opponent.

And in week three over Las Vegas the Pats turned into a power run football team. After struggling for much of the first quarter, McDaniels made an adjustment which then led to the comfortable victory.

Heading into the week four matchup with Kansas City, I wish the Chiefs defense good luck in trying to game plan. Because you have three weeks of film on the Pats and yet you have seen three completely different offensive schemes.

But yeah, continue to complain about McDaniels, the Pats are a yard away from being 3-0 in the post Tom Brady era and we have seen them win in three completely different ways.

And has McDaniels curtailed promising drives because he tried to get too cute? Sure. What coordinator hasn’t? He’s like a catcher calling a game for the pitcher, sometimes you throw a guy too many sliders and the batter gets wise and knocks one out for a homer. It’s hard to call a perfect game.

Part of me understands, complaining about your offensive coordinator is as American as calling for the backup when your starter is Mitchell Trubisky.

But at the same time, could you do as well as them? No you can’t. You’re running four verticals every other play in Madden like a moron. And you’re so damn spoiled please understand that it could be way worse. You could have Adam Gase a self proclaimed “offensive genius” running your offense. Or you could have Marshawn Lynch as your running back and decide to throw the ball from the one yard line in the Super Bowl.

So if you want to hate Josh McDaniels that’s fine, but just understand you are a big dumb idiot when it comes to understanding football.

But not quite as dumb as the fire Brad Stevens people.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

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Connor Ryan (@connoryan68/@PodVerbalCommit/@YourFantasy_CGS)

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